Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough Year 2, Level 1: Floo Powder

In Level 1 of the second part of our guide you arrive in Year 2’s “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”.

Where is Ginny Weasley? The painting of the Weasley family shows that Ginny is missing. You’ll find her hidden in one of the one-seat chairs near to the painting, it’s behind the dinner table.

What to do if you get stuck in the dark magic shop in Knockturn Alley with Hagrid? To leave the store Hagrid will need to pull a chain lever, but it is invisible, so you can’t see the switch. Use the broom to clean the mirror and the switch will appear in the clean mirrors reflection. The mirror is directly above the fish tank in the center of the store.

Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough Year 2: Mandrake Handling Lesson

In this part for Year 2. Be careful with Mandrakes, as Hermione says “The cry of the Mandrake is very fatal to anybody who hears it.”

Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough Year 2: Immobulus Lesson

In this part for Year 2. The Immobulus charm is a freezing spell that aims to immobilize its targets.

Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough Year 2, Level 2: Dobby’s Plan

This is Level 2 for Year 2. Here’s how to how to pull the purple lever to open the gate. Once you’ve climbed up the ladder and to your right see a chain with a purple piece. To progress hit Dobby, and then attach the rock to the chain for the gate to open.

How to regrow Harry’s arm in the hospital wing after Dobby bewitches a bludger: Find all three ingredients: 2) The red scorpion, and 3) The red spider is through the door in the next room on the web in the corner were you entered. There is a purple broom on the floor you can use to brush away the purple web above. Do it a couple of times and the red spider appears. — Thanks for the tips to Dan & Jake.

Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough Year 2: Expelliarmus Lesson

In this part for Year 2, another lesson. The Expelliarmus charm is a defensive spell that aims to disarm an opponent.

Wii glitch warning on the Malfoy duel: On the Wii version if you don’t press ‘C’ to skip the bit of ‘video’ of Snape attacking the other teacher you end up in a room with 2 tables and nobody to battle against. Redo the level but you MUST SKIP the video of Snape by pressing C and then you enter the duel room but this time it has people and Malfoy to fight. — Thanks for the warning Jake.

Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough Year 2: Polyjuice Potion

In this part for Year 2, let’s brew a Polyjuice Potion.

How to arrange the snake door puzzle: After you defeat Malfoy at the table desk during the Expelliarmus Lesson, next you have to go over to the snake door, where you get a 3-part-snake puzzle that you have to use the Wingardium Leviosa spell on. To rebuild the snake, put it together in this specific order: 1. Tail, 2. Middle, 3. Head. Once completed, put it on the purple square on the left to walk out that room’s door.

How to unlock the Justin Finch-Fletchley character: Add all the ingredients to the potion, as shown in this video.

Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough Year 2, Level 3: Crabbe and Goyle

This is Level 3 for Year 2. In the bathroom with Crabbe and Goyle unconscious, we show you how to find all the ingredients including the apple.

Since the apple is the most difficult to find, here’s a how-to: Use the far right toilet stand on it, and use your Wingardium Leviosa levitation charm on the red cog turn-wheel above the toilets, to raise all the toilet lids. Then jump across them to the far left, this breaks the locked toilet. Then use Wingardium on the parts, which builds a flower which clears the green-stinking air in the smelly toilet and opens the door, the apple is laying there. — Thanks to Paul for the tip.

Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough Year 2, Level 4: Tom Riddles Diary

This is Level 4 for Year 2. To make the strong switch available to use you must use the Mandrake to break the glass container first.

To finish the level use the Wingardium Leviosa spell aka the purple spell to re arrange the exit to give you access to the door.

Tom Riddle is the first playable Voldemort character in the game, but there are a few extras to be found in the game.

Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough Year 2, Level 5: Follow the Spiders

This is Level 5 for Year 2. The Boss Spider can only be defeated by using the black spiders these can be levitated using the purple spell, but dont forget to press the button twice once to float the second to spin.

Tip: When you get to the part with the tree. Find the cloud there and use it with the tree to get a ladder.

Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough Year 2, Level 6: The Basilisk

This is Level 6 for Year 2. If you are having trouble finding parts for an item to construct sometimes destroying everything is the easiest way to discover new items and gain lots of extra studs.

How to put a stop to the giant squids spout: In the underground area with the half pipe and a giant squid flailing its tentacles while spewing water. All you have to do here is use your Telekinesis Spell on the plunger — to the left upper ledge by the squid — on the squid to plug him up. Also, to continue, you must clear all the ink thrown by the squid by casting with the Lumos “special” button.

How to beat the Basilisk: To fight the Basilisk you must begin by using his strength to your advantage. At the sides of the arena where you fight the by Tom Riddle commanded Salazar Slytherin’s Basilisk, you’ll see a few piles of gray bricks. Stand in front of them, wait for the Basilisk to target you with his laser vision, and as it disappears move out of the way. If you’ve moved out of the way quick enough, instead of hitting you, he’ll headbutt the bricks, which in turn will damage him. Now do this three times until he has destroyed all of the brick piles. From the remaining brick rubble you can get the ingredients to make a strength potion, which you can use to pull the chain to the left.

With Fawkes the Phoenix released, he’ll fly in to drop a hat on top of the statue and pluck out the Basilisk’s eyes to blind him. Next you must shoot the Basilisk once or twice, and bring both of your characters up to the pipe in the upper left and pull the chains at the same time. Jump in the pipe, hop up the ledge from the top right, use the Accio Summoning Charm / Purple Spell on the Sorting Hat and Godric Gryffindor’s Sword will come out. Fire a spell at the snakes eyes to make him appear up the top by statue, then connect both of the chains on the green pipe at top/far left of the level, and jump in to appear up by the statue. Then move the sword to the blue spot to stab the Basilisk and kill it. — Thanks to Paul for the tip.

Next is our gameplay video showing Level 6 and the Basilisk boss fight section: