Lego Harry Potter codes, tips and secrets list (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PC, PSP)

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Looking for Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 codes, tips and secrets? The following will help you get the most out of this latest game in the long-running Lego series.

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    Will the Bonus Spells & Codes Mess With Trophies/Achievements? No, they do not. They didn’t with previous games in the Lego series, and this time is no different, because you can keep earning Achievements or Trophies for this game while using cheat codes.

    You can enter the code: by going up the stairs from the Wiseacres Wizarding Equipment shop in Diagon Alley (where you can buy spells). But only once the Leaky Cauldron hub area becomes available.

    Spell Codes:

    Unlock the Accio Spell. Player character can now cast Accio. — Enter Code: VE9VV7
    Unlock the Anteoculatia Spell. Player character can now cast Anteoculatia. — Enter Code: QFB6NR
    Unlock the Calvorio Spell. Player character can now cast Calvorio. — Enter Code: 6DNR6L
    Unlock the Colovaria Spell. Player character can now cast Colovaria. — Enter Code: 9GJ442
    Unlock the Engorgio Skullus Spell. Player character can now cast Engorgio Skullus. — Enter Code: CD4JLX
    Unlock the Entomorphis Spell. Player character can now cast Entomorphis. — Enter Code: MYN3NB
    Unlock the Flipendo Spell. Player character can now cast Flipendo. — Enter Code: ND2L7W
    Unlock the Glacius Spell. Player character can now cast Glacius. — Enter Code: ERA9DR
    Unlock the Herbifors Spell. Player character can now cast Herbifors. — Enter Code: H8FTHL
    Unlock the Incarcerous Spell. Player character can now cast Incarcerous. — Enter Code: YEB9Q9
    Unlock the Locomotor Mortis Spell. Player character can now cast Locomotor Mortis. — Enter Code: 2M2XJ6
    Unlock the Multicorfors Spell. Player character can now cast Multicorfors. — Enter Code: JK6QRM
    Unlock the Redactum Skullus Spell. Player character can now cast Redactum Skullus. — Enter Code: UW8LRH
    Unlock the Rictusempra Spell. Player character can now cast Rictusempra. — Enter Code: 2UCA3M
    Unlock the Slugulus Eructo Spell. Player character can now cast Slugulus Eructo. — Enter Code: U6EE8X
    Unlock the Stupefy Spell. Player character can now cast Stupefy. — Enter Code: UWDJ4Y
    Unlock the Tarantallegra Spell. Player character can now cast Tarantallegra. — Enter Code: KWWQ44
    Unlock the Trip Jinx Spell. Player character can now cast Trip Jinx. — Enter Code: YZNRF6

    To see what each spell does, watch our video that runs you through them all:

    Bonus Codes:

    Unlock the Carrot Wands — Enter Code: AUC8EH
    Unlock the Character Studs — Enter Code: H27KGC
    Unlock the Character Token Detector — Enter Code: HA79V8
    Unlock the Christmas — Enter Code: T7PVVN
    Unlock the Disguise — Enter Code: 4DMK2R
    Unlock the Doomed Recovery Red Brick Extra. Players character will be saved when falling off ledges. — Enter Code: ZEX7MV
    Unlock the Extra Hearts — Enter Code: J9U6Z9
    Unlock the Fast Dig — Enter Code: Z9BFAD
    Unlock the Fast Magic — Enter Code: FA3GQA
    Unlock the Gold Brick Detector — Enter Code: 84QNQN
    Unlock the Hogwarts Crest Detector — Enter Code: TTMC6D
    Unlock the Ice Rink — Enter Code: F88VUW
    Unlock the Invincibility Red Brick Extra. Player character will not take damage. — Enter Code: QQWC6B
    Unlock the Red Brick Detector — Enter Code: 7AD7HE
    Unlock the Regenerate Hearts — Enter Code: 89ML2W
    Unlock the X2 Score Multiplier — Enter Code: 74YKR7
    Unlock the X4 Score Multiplier — Enter Code: J3WHNK
    Unlock the X6 Score Multiplier — Enter Code: XK9ANE
    Unlock the X8 Score Multiplier — Enter Code: HUFV2H
    Unlock the X10 Score Multiplier — Enter Code: H8X69Y
    Unlock the Silhouettes — Enter Code: HZBVX7
    Unlock the Singing Mandrake — Enter Code: BMEU6X
    Unlock the Stud Magnet — Enter Code: 67FKWZ

    To see what each code does, watch this video that shows you miscellaneous passwords:

    Gold Brick Codes:

    Unlock the Gold Brick 01 — Enter Code: QE4VC7
    Unlock the Gold Brick 02 — Enter Code: FY8H97
    Unlock the Gold Brick 03 — Enter Code: 3MQT4P
    Unlock the Gold Brick 04 — Enter Code: PQPM7Z
    Unlock the Gold Brick 05 — Enter Code: ZY2CPA
    Unlock the Gold Brick 06 — Enter Code: 3GMTP6
    Unlock the Gold Brick 07 — Enter Code: XY6VYZ
    Unlock the Gold Brick 08 — Enter Code: TUNC4W
    Unlock the Gold Brick 09 — Enter Code: EJ42Q6
    Unlock the Gold Brick 10 — Enter Code: GFJCV9
    Unlock the Gold Brick 11 — Enter Code: DZCY6G
    Once more cheat codes are available for the game we will update this list.

    Tips and Secrets Lists and Videos

    Gameplay cooperation tips from the makers of the game:

    Split-Screen Co-Op Mode
    When playing with another player, that player can wonder off of the screen and the game will automatically go into Split-Screen Mode to follow both you and the other player independently. This is an all-new feature for Lego Harry Potter. Previous games made you stay on the same screen to much frustration.

    More handy gameplay tips from the makers of the game:

    How to Get Across Gaps
    You can use Harry or another characters broomstick flight (Harry is the best with the broomstick) to get across gaps that you can’t normally get across.

    How to Enter Small Pipes
    You can use Ron’s pet rat Scabbers to enter small pipes, allowing you to often proceed or discover a secret.

    How to Solve Tile Puzzles
    Harmonie’s Blue Book allows here to solve tile puzzles.

    Thanks for the Red Brick & Extra Bonus codes to Madigan, for the Spell codes to Joe, and for the Gold Brick codes to Katakidoushi.