First Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood multiplayer trailer

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood multiplayer screenshot
The first Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood multiplayer trailer was released at E3 2010 to a bad-ass background song as it shows the first gameplay footage of the game’s competitive multiplayer mode; A first for the series.

In the competitive online multiplayer, players take control of a Templar assassin, one of several different variations (some with creepy costumes), as they attempt to assassinate other players using stealth and blending in with their environments. Storywise, an Assassin from present day is attempting to go inside of the Animus to Italy during Ezio’s day, so that he can help the Templars. The “game” you play is one of the training exercises.

One of the modes shown off was called “Wanted”, other modes will be included in the final game as well. Wanted drops six players into a city as they attempt to assassinate one of their six opponents by finding them amongst the crowds and people going about their days in the city. Character skins included random people you see in the game, as well as a Priest, Noble and Doctor. A Harlequin skin will be exclusively available for those who pre-order from GameStop and you’ll unlock more as you play.

Before the game starts you also will select your ability loadout, which includes stats like Sprint, Smoke Bomb (as seen in the trailer), Temporary Invisibility, Throwing Knives, or a pistol, with mixes and matches of one paired with another. You can then unlock new abilities as you gain experience for playing the multiplayer.

Here is the kick ass Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood multiplayer trailer.