Animal Crossing announced for 3DS

Animal Crossing 3DS screenshot
Animal Crossing 3DS has been revealed at E3 2010 for Nintendo’s upcoming 3D-without-glasses device.

This game looks to be exactly the same as previous entries in the series, Animal Crossing GameCube, Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS) and Animal Crossing: City Folk (Wii); with the same exact elements that players have seen before.

This includes many of the same furniture, clothing, characters, and tools (axe, shovel, etc.). Although the graphics look the same as well (yep, fruit still grows on trees), the player character looks to have grown taller…

It will be hard to get into this newest Animal Crossing game if nothing new is brought to the table, as players have been collecting the same furniture and items since the series debuted on GameCube, and longtime fans are growing weary of it by the fourth repeat.

So hopefully Nintendo can throw some new features into the mix and build on previous ones introduced in the DS and Wii versions, including online play and voice chat. Enough to make it worth the while for fans of previous games to jump into the Animal Crossing world and into Tom Nook’s debt a fourth time.