First Driver: San Francisco gameplay trailer shown at Ubisoft event

Driver: San Francisco screenshot
Driver: San Francisco made it’s gameplay debut at E3 2010 during Ubisoft’s Press Conference, where they revealed gameplay footage of this newest game in the long-running series for the first time.

The first several minutes of the on-stage demonstration of the game seem like nothing special. Although if you were a fan of the original PS1 Driver, then you’ll be happy to see that many of the same elements have returned.

But the real surprise comes near the end, when the developers demonstrate the all-new “Shift” feature which allows Tanner to literally have an out-of-body experience and “possess” any other car in the city! Although it’s not an unlimited ability, it must be recharged. This really impresses when they zoom out and you can see the entire city in one shot….

Here is the debut trailer for Driver: San Francisco.

And here is the more in-depth on-stage demo of the game with lots of new gameplay footage.