Twisted Metal announced for PS3. First trailer shows flight added. Coming in 2011

Twisted Metal PS3 screenshot Sweet Tooth artwork
Twisted Metal is coming to PS3 in an all-new game that completely re-invents what classic PlayStation gamers know well and love, while staying true enough to the roots of the franchise to satisfy those old-school fans.

Entitled simply “Twisted Metal”, this re-envisioning of the series updates it to modern standards by playing fast and furious with all sorts of new features and modes, from new vehicles like helicopters, to levels that are more intricate than ever before, to a new camera view that gives you a top-down shot of the playfield, everything has been given a new and fresh look to make it competitively up to snuff to the games of today.

Even if you’ve never heard of Twisted Metal before, it is likely that the reveal at the Sony E3 2010 Press Conference, with all of it’s flash, blew your socks off. But things got even better when the actual game was shown and it pretty much exceeded everyone’s expectations of what a new Twisted Metal would be like. Not only was the game a complete surprise, but it looked fun as heck. As you can see in this awesome video.

16-player online play, 2-4 player local split-screen play, all-new game modes, motorcycles, sports cars, the most interactive levels ever, a deep single-player mode with a classic-style dark storyline . . . creator David Jaffe is promising that this will be the best Twisted Metal game ever.

I am not one to disagree. The game looks phenomenal and is definitely on my top 20 list of most anticipated games from E3 2010.