Journey videogame from Flower and Flow creator announced for PS3

Journey PS3 screenshot from thatgamecompany
ThatGameCompany’s newest game is called Journey and it is in development for the PlayStation Network as revealed at E3 2010.

It is the newest game from the small Sony 2nd party developer founded by Kellee Santiago, Jenova Chen and Nicholas Clark (originally students from the American college USC School of Cinematic Arts who were discovered by Sony after making the Indie hit “Cloud”).

They’re previous PSN games include Flow and Flower.

This newest game is an adventure title that will have a “more serious tone” than previous titles and take players to exotic locations as you can see in the screenshot.

It will contain a unique online experience in which players will team up with strangers online explore the world as they walk, fly or glide around the unique levels in order to “reshape the experience”.

Intrigued? Players will also be encouraged to play through the game at their own pace as they go on their adventure and uncover reminders of an ancient civilization as they explore.

The game will be released in 2011.