Sly Cooper Collection announced for PS3. All 3 games in HD and 3D

Sly Cooper Collection PS3 screenshot
The Sly Collection is coming to PS3 announced Sony at E3 2010!

This is great news for all those players, like me, who never got around to picking up the PS2 trilogy of stealth platformers from developer Sucker Punch (who are also hard at work on Infamous 2).

Following in the vein of God of War Collection, the Sly Cooper Collection will update all of the graphics for all three PS2 Sly Cooper games to HD high definition quality, will include unlockable Trophies to earn for each game, will include Move-supported mini-games and will slap all three titles onto one glorious Blu-ray disc. Not only that, but Sly Collection will also be playable entirely in 3D! For those who have the proper hardware to do so, of course (a 3D-supported TV along with a pair of 3D glasses).

Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves actually shipped with red-and-blue 3D glasses and supported 3D back in the day on PS2, so it’ll be interesting to see if this version of the game has it’s 3D updated to modern standards. Since Sony is pushing 3D hard this year, I would expect that this is the case. Because having all three Sly Cooper games on one disc with upgraded graphics and 3D effects is definitely a reason to take the 3D leap.

Here is the game’s E3 2010 trailer.