Nintendogs and cats announced for 3DS

Nintendogs Plus Cats 3DS screenshot (E3 2010)
Nintendogs+Cats for 3DS has finally been revealed as Nintendo announced at their E3 2010 Press Conference. And as you can see in the title, this new version of the best-selling virtual pet DS puppy simulation game finally adds the most oft-requested feature . . . kittens!

The adorable puppies of Nintendogs come to life in the palm of your hand on the Nintendo 3DS system with even cuter and more expressive puppies than ever before while also adding cats to the mix! The interaction between puppy or kitten to the player also goes beyond the screens to draw players in like never before.

Key features of the game include:

* Nintendogs uses the built-in camera and facial-recognition technology to enable puppies to react to your real-life movements, mimicking your head tilts and jumping up to lick you as you lean in.
* The 3-D visuals and the deep interaction offered by the touch screen, microphone and camera of the Nintendo 3DS system make for a deeper emotional connection to your puppies, giving players even greater joy from an already heartwarming experience.
* Everything that made the original Nintendogs great also returns, with multiple breeds to choose from, accessories for your puppies to wear and the ability to let your puppy train and compete in different challenges and activities.
* The game will also introduce cats to the series for the first time.

Here is an interview with the game’s developer.