Nintendo 3DS games list for first and third party games announced at E3

3DS Red Color games line-up announced third and first party
The 3DS is looking to make a killing for Nintendo as A BOATLOAD of games, 72 in fact, have been revealed as in development so far! And you can be sure that there are more where that came from!

What is most surprising is the amount of big-name franchises that are coming to 3DS as either all-new games or ports of existing titles. The list is extensive and covers many awesome games that weren’t revealed previously. Browse and smile!

1. DJ Hero 3D

AQ Interactive
2. Cubic Ninja

3. Etrian Odyssey
4. Shin Megami Tensei
5. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona
6. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor

7. Resident Evil: Revelations
8. Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition

Electronic Arts
9. FIFA Soccer (untitled)
10. Madden NFL (untitled)
11. The Sims 3

12. Asphalt GT

13. Harmonix Music Game (untitled)

14. Bomberman (untitled)
15. DECA Sports (untitled)
16. Kororinpa (untitled)

17. Konami Baseball (untitled)
18. Contra (untitled)
19. Frogger (untitled)
20. Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D (Hideo Kojima’s “The Naked Sample”
21. Pro Evolution Soccer (untitled)
22. Winning Eleven (untitled)

23. Professor Laytona nd the Miracle Mask

24. BloodRayne: The Shroud
25. A Boy and His Blob
26. Face Racers: Photo Finish
27. Lion’s Pride: Adventures on the Serengeti
28. Martha Stewart
29. WonderWorld Amusement Park

Marvelous Entertainment
30. Bokujyoumonogatari 3D

Namco Bandai
31. Dragon Ball (untitled)
32. Gundam (untitled)
33. Pac-Man & Galaga
34. Ridge Racer (untitled)
35. Super Robot (untitled)

36. Animal Crossing (untitled)
37. Kid Icarus: Uprising
38. Mario Kart 3D (untitled)
39. Nintendogs+Cats
40. Paper Mario (untitled)
41. Pilotwings Resort
42. Star Fox 64 3D
43. Steel Diver

44. Crash-City GP
45. VS-Robo

46. Sonic (untitled)
47. Super Monkey Ball (untitled)

Square Enix
48. Codename: Chocobo Racing 3D
49. Dragon Quest (untitled)
50. Final Fantasy (untitled)
51. Kingdom Hearts (untitled)

Take Two Interactive
52. Carnival Games (untitled)

Tecmo Koei Games
53. Dead or Alive 3D
54. Dynasty Wariors (untitled)
55. Ninja Gaiden (untitled)
56. Samurai Warriors 3D (untitled)

57. Lovely Lisa 3D
58. Naruto Shippuden Action

59. De Blob 2
60. Kung Fu Panda: Kaboom of Doom
61. Marvel Super Hero Squad: Infinity Gauntlet
62. The Penguins of Madagascar
63. Puss N Boots
64. Saints Row: Drive-By

65. Assassin’s Creed: Lost Legacy
66. Battle of Giants: Dinosaur Strike
67. Driver: Renegade
68. Hollywood 61
69. Tom Glancy’s Ghost Recon
70. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

Warner Bros. Interactive
71. Batman (untitled)
72. LEGO (untitled)