New Quantum Theory video shows deep storyline and gameplay

Quantum Theory gameplay screenshot
This E3 2010 trailer for Quantum Theory reveals lots of gameplay footage for the upcoming Tecmo-developed third-person shooter/Gears of War-clone.

Not only do you get to see lots of footage, but it goes a ways in revealing the storyline and the tone of the game, which revolves around a mysterious, evil tower called the “Diablos”. Which, after spawning, starts changing, whilst shooting demonic tentacles that destroy the surrounding city.

The game takes the style and gameplay of Gears of War and sets it in and around the Diablos Tower, which features ever shifting and morphing settings as the Tower, and thus the environment itself, is ALIVE. Making for very interesting, fast-moving cover mechanics. The game also puts some Japanese twists on the Western-shooter formula along with some fantasy elements and a female character that is more melee focused than her male counterpart.

Here is the new trailer.

Fans who’ve been following this game will notice that what was once changed from “Quantum Theory” to just “Quantum”, has changed back again to the full “Quantum Theory”. Personally Gears of War didn’t hook me like it did others, so I find this game pretty interesting.