Red Dead Redemption Gang Hideouts Locations Guide (Xbox 360, PS3)

Red Dead Redemption Gang Hideout Locations screenshot
Looking for Red Dead Redemption Gang Hideouts Locations? We’ll help you find them within Rockstar’s gigantic Wild Western world. To unlock the “Into the Sunset” 100 Gamerscore points Achievement/Trophy, complete “The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed” by finishing all U.S. Gang Hideouts within 24-hours of in-game time.

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  • The following videos will show you where to find all of the Gang Hideouts in Red Dead Redemption, including map locations. Please note that to do a specific mission in the main story mode, just continue the game and get there to activate the Gang Hideout challenges.

    Tesoro Azul Gang Hideout:

    Tumbleweed Gang Hideout:

    Nosalida Gang Hideout:

    Gaptooth Breach Gang Hideout:

    (skip to 3 minutes into the video)

    Twin Rocks Gang Hideout:

    (skip to 5:40 minutes into the video)

    Fort Mercer Gang Hideout:

    Hennigan’s Stead & Pike’s Basin Gang Hideouts:

    Thanks to Oakfan, Blackenedskies & TDSUGaming for the videos.