Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker codes, cheats and tips (PSP)

7 June 2010
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Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker on PSPHere are some Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker cheat codes and tips. There aren’t many available yet, but here are some for the PSP-exclusive stealth action-adventure game from Konami.


  • This Page: Codes, Cheats & Tips Guide
  • New Page: Walkthrough
  • For Fun: Characters Overview
  • How to unlock T-Shirts in the game:
    When you’re on the Title Screen, go to Extras > Network > Enter Passcode to insert each of these cheat codes individually. Note: Playstation Network account required.

  • 1. For a Black T-Shirt with White Peace Walker Logo, enter code: 2000016038415
  • 2. For a Gray T-Shirt with MSF Logo, enter code: 2000016032574
  • 3. For a Gray T-Shirt with Snake Art on the back, enter code: 2000016032338
  • 4. For a Olive T-Shirt with Snake Art, enter code: 2000016035902
  • Thanks to these codes to the folks at Gamefaqs.

    How to unlock the Monster Hunter bonus stages:
    After reading all of Chico’s briefing files go to Extra Ops 29, then go to the beach area to meet with the talking cat. After doing that, you’ll have unlocked the first Monster Hunter bonus stage. As you finish each one, more stages get unlocked.

    Here’s what a Monster Hunter stage looks like:

    Please leave a comment if you know how to unlock the Assassin’s Creed bonus stages.

    Here’s what an Assassin’s Creed stage looks like:


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