Alan Wake Signs Locations Guide (Xbox 360)

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Need help finding all the Signs locations in Alan Wake for the Xbox 360? This guide will help you to discover them all. The Signs give you useful information throughout the game.


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  • Where to find all Signs located in Episode 1: Nightmare

    Sign #1: “The 68th Annual Deerfest”
    You’ll see this sign at Stucky’s Garage in the back.

    Where to find all Signs located in Episode 2: Taken

    Sign #2: “Have You Seen This Man?”
    Inside the Sheriff Station. On the wall of Sheriff Breaker’s Office.

    Sign #3: “The skeleton of a Colombian Mammoth”
    At the Elderwood Park Visitor’s Center.

    Sign #4: “Moonshine Cave”
    In the Moonshine Cave at Elderwood National Park.

    Sign #5: “The Great Old One”
    At Elderwood National Park at the base of a tree.

    Sign #6: “Tree Ring”
    At the Cable Car in Elderwood National Park, by the Picnic Table.

    Where to find all Signs located in Episode 3: Ransom

    Sign #7: “Founding of the Mining Company”
    Display Cabinet at the entrance to the Bright Falls Mining Co.

    Sign #8: “Closure of the Mining Company”
    At the Museum Building, on the corner wall, located at the Bright Falls Mining Co. entrance.

    Sign #9: “Gray Peak Gorge”
    Following the bridge in the center of the GPG Ghost Town.

    Where to find all Signs located in Episode 4: The Truth

    Sign #10: “Sundial Inscription”
    Beside the Cauldron Lake lodge at the base of a big metal sundial.

    Sign #11: “The Creator’s Dilemma”
    At the Cauldron Lodge Reception Room. It’s a book cover for “The Creator’s Dilemma”.

    Sign #12: “Tenets of the Lodge”
    Near the Recreation Room by the framed poster along the Wildcat Corridor Wall.

    Sign #13: “Suspended”
    On the plaque that you find at the base of the sculpture in the front driveway.

    Sign #14: “The 1975 Ragnarok Tour”
    On the upper floor of the barn. It’s an “Old Gods of Asgard” poster.

    Where to find all Signs located in Episode 5: The Clicker

    Sign #15: “History of Bright Falls”
    You’ll find this Sign at the Bright Falls Park. It’s located at the foot of the state as a historic plaque.

    Sign #16: “Alan Wake book advert”
    A sheet of paper in the Bright Falls Bookshop advertising Alan Wake’s book.

    Sign #17: “Church Events, Fall Schedule”
    Found at the reception area of the Bright Falls Church at the front on the Noticeboard.

    Sign #18: “Lt. William T.G. Randall Memorial Bridge”
    A Road sign located right before the swing bridge.

    Sign #19: “Warning Sign”
    At the Power Plant along the wall. Located to the right of the entrance.

    Sign #20: “Floodgate Controls”
    To the left of the dam bridge controls.

    Sign #21: “Decommissioned Notice”
    Near the switch at the entrance of the dam.

    Where to find all Signs located in Episode 6: The Departure

    Sign #22: “Majestic Motel Advert”
    Located at the second vista outlook, it’s a large billboard.

    Sign #23: “Majestic Motel Regulations”
    Found at the Majestic Motel in the Reception Room. Near the restrooms.

    Sign #24: “Scrapyard Warning Sign”
    At the entrance to the Scrapyard by the open gate.

    Sign #25: “Scrapyard Visitor’s Sign”
    At the Manager’s Garage, adjacent to the entrance. On the wall.