Red Dead Redemption Side Missions Guide Videos (Xbox 360, PS3)

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Looking for a Red Dead Redemption side-missions guide? We’ll showcase several of them on video to help you out or give you a look at these unique sections.

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  • Liar’s Dice Side-Mission Mini-Game

    This is a short video showing one of the many minigames you can play. Note however that the video shows cheating via an unlocked Outfit. Basically you need to guess the number of times a dice face is shown, so for example if you say there are 5 dice with 6 spots, the others would then call your bluff. If there are 5 or more as you said, the person that calls the bluff loses a die. If you are wrong then you lose a die. It is a very easy way of making money in Red Dead Redemption!

    Five Finger Fillet Mini-Game Side-Mission

    This is a short video showing the minigame called Five Finger Fillet. It is hard to get used to and is mostly about timing of the button press and not the actual presses of the button. If that makes any sense.

    Poker Card Game Side-Mission Mini-Game

    One of the most popular card games of the era makes an appearance in Red Dead Redemption as this Poker mini-game.

    Bar Fight Side-Mission

    This is a video of a bar fight that my friend and I got into after I joined his game.

    Gatling Gun Side-Mission

    This is the mission where you get to use a turret, it is really powerful and a sign of the new technologies that we now have in this day and age!

    Shootout In the Mines

    At the Cinema Side-Mission

    This is a video of the Cinema in Red Dead Redemption where you can watch original full on movies created in classic style!

    Riding In a Car

    This is near the end of the game. You just ride in the car on the way to a mission. There are no driveable cars in the game so this is cool to see.

    Showdown Side-Mission

    This is a short video showing a showdown in the game. The more famous you become, the more challenges you are given. They are fairly easy, you just need to draw at the right time and get enough powerful shots in first, whoever fills the meter first wins.

    Getting Drunk and Killing People

    After ten drinks at the bar you are too drunk to stand. Time for some murder!

    General Gun Fight

    Just a look at the gun fighting in the game from early on.

    Weather Effects

    A look at the weather effects that can be seen in the world of Red Dead Redemption.

    Bear Hunting

    This is what it looks like when you are hunting animals in Red Dead Redemption, in this case bears.

    Random Side Mission

    While traveling to one of the towns you are asked for help. This leads to a random mission. These kinds of random missions pop up all throughout the game.

    If there is a specific side-mission you have questions about, feel free to ask about it in the comments section.

    Thanks to MercilessWalrus, gamingdrunk and la5ty for the videos.