ModNation Racers codes, cheats and tips list (PS3)

5 June 2010
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Our ModNation Racers codes, cheats and tips page for this PS3 Kart Racer will help to enhance your game with any cheat codes or tricks available.


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  • How to Get A Boost Start

    To start the race off with a boost, press the L1 Button right when “GO” flashes on the screen. One way to help you nail the Boost Start, is to press the PlayStation Button in the middle of the controller while the announcers are counting down, the game will pause right when you need to press L1. This will allow you to get a boost at the start of all the races in the beginning of the Career Mode.

    This video shows how to do a turbo/boost start and showcases the weapons:

    How to Unlock Payoffs and Bonuses in Career Mode

    You must achieve the objective and ALSO finish the race in first place order to unlock both the Payoffs and Bonuses. You don’t have to do the objectives at the same time however, you can finish one then re-race and go for the second.

    How Do I Get Everything at the Token Store

    If you collect all of the Coins you’ll unlock everything at the Token Store.

    Can the Control Scheme or Button Layout Be Changed

    No. There is no way to change the controls. You have to live with the controls the game comes with.

    How Do I Perform a SideSwipe?

    In order to perform a SideSwipe on your opponents, your boost meter needs to be above the first line. From there all you need to do is use the right Analog Stick to towards the opponent you want to SideSwipe.

    How Do I Do Tricks

    The only tricks you can do in the game is spinning, which can be done by pressing the right Analog Stick either left or right when launching off a jump.

    How Do I Get 4000 Air Points on Island Dash for the Payoff?

    You can easily achieve this by using the Boost Pads and performing double jumps in the section following the big hill (down the middle path), at the Red Ramp by the finishline (no boost pad, upper path) and at the final jump (no boost pad). Remember to double tap X to jump higher.

    How to Easily Get Max Speed Points

    One trick to get Max Speed Points easily is to lower your Speed Stat as far as it will go in the ModStation. Also lower your Drift Stat. This will give you faster Acceleration and a sharper Drift. You’ll earn the points then when you reach top speed.

    How to Get Rid of the Illegal Shortcut Message

    If you keep getting “Illegal Shortcut” while building a track, you can fix this by going into the Edit Pavement option and hitting “Reset Track”.

    Want to know more about Track Creation? Watch this tutorial:

    What is the “Shootable Trigger Fuction” and How Is It Used

    By pressing the R1 Button you can shoot certain targets on a track. This only happens at certain points but you can use it to open shortcuts, activate ramps, and the like.

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