Blur walkthrough video guide (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)

5 June 2010
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Looking for a Blur walkthrough to guide you through this exciting action racing game full of power-up infused chaos?

Below you’ll find a long list of tutorial videos, walkthrough videos and developer documentaries to help you get the most out of the game.


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  • Blur Power-Ups Tutorial Video Guide

    Take a walk through the many handy tools of destruction and deception at your disposal on the roads.

    Blur Career Mode Tutorial Video Guide

    Work your way up the ladder of rivals in Career Mode.

    Blur Vision Documentary Video Guide

    Blow someone into the side of a building and mash them into bits.

    Blur Under the Hood I: Power-Ups Documentary Video Guide

    Power-ups have physical effects you can feel in your face.

    Blur Under the Hood II: Progression Documentary Video Guide

    The Bizarre Creations dev team discusses Blur’s storyline, unique driving styles, and impressive stunts in this doc!

    Blur Under the Hood IV Social Gameplay Documentary Video Guide

    The Bizarre Creations team discusses Blur’s social gameplay aspects, including how the game brings people together (except maybe when seeking serious revenge on your opponent!).

    Blur Under the Hood V Cars and Tracks Documentary Video Guide

    Customize your vehicle and take on the challenge of the various environments and see if you have driving skills to reach the finish line.

    Blur Under the Hood VI Multiplayer Documentary Video Guide

    The dev team gets back under the hood to talk multiplayer in the sixth installment of the video series.

    Blur Checkpoints Tutorial Video Guide

    Time trials get revamped in Blur’s checkpoint mode.

    Blur One-On-One Tutorial Video Guide

    Go head to head in the ultimate showdown for pink slips!

    Blur Fan Runs Tutorial Video Guide

    Pass through the gates on fan runs to earn more fans during your race.

    Blur Fan Demands Tutorial Video Guide

    Please the fans and gain their loyalty along your races in Blur.

    Blur Fan Targets Tutorial Video Guide

    Gain a quota of loyal fans during your race to earn an extra life.

    Blur Advanced Tactics Tutorial Video Guide

    Mastery of power-ups is key, but that alone will not keep you in the race.

    Blur Race Tutorial Video Guide

    The battle for first place continues even when you’re out in front, use your power-ups wisely to guarantee victory.

    Blur Team Events Video Guide

    Lead Designer Gareth Wilson blows out the Team Game multiplayer modes in Blur.


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