Company of Heroes Online announced as free-to-play PC game

Company of Heroes Online screenshot
Company of Heroes Online is a free-to-play FPS PC game and has been announced by THQ.

In order for the game to be free the company will make money by way of microtransactions for virtual goods, which players will be able to purchase in order to “accelerate” their progress. I.e. those with money won’t have to actually play the game to earn their way to the top, they can just buy their way.

“In the past, our multiplayer experience was a quick game session that was over as soon as the match was over,” said Tim Holman, senior producer at Relic Entertainment, the developer that is making the game for THQ. “With this game, you get an extended experience over time.”

The new Company of Heroes Online game will be the same as the game that was released in 2006. You play either as the Americans or Germans during World War II, controlling a whole company of soldiers as they battle for control of a map.

Like before the game will be played from a bird’s eye view, which will make it seem like you are playing with miniature toys. But the graphics are detailed and the action can be quite fast, since the combat happens in real time, as each player makes moves simultaneously.

The single-player game is included for free, and the multiplayer game has been extended into a persistent online experience which means you can rank up as you win online multiplayer matches that involve as many as eight players.

Here is a video of Company of Heroes Online in action.