How to unlock Red Dead Redemption Legendary Characters, Mounts, Titles in Multiplayer (Xbox 360, PS3)

Red Dead Redemption Super Bull Mount screenshot guide
Wondering “How do I unlock Legendary Characters to play as in Red Dead Redemption’s multiplayer?” and Mounts for online play, in addition to Titles for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Rockstar’s Westerner. If so, our guide will give you tips and videos to assist you in unlocking them.

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  • Mostly Complete Mount Unlocks List

    1. Burro (donkey) – Default
    2. Lusitno Nag – Unlocked at Level 4
    3. Turkmen – Unlocked at Level 8
    4. Cleveland Bay – Unlocked at Level 22
    5. Hungarian Half-Bred – Unlocked at Level 33
    6. American Standard Bred – Unlocked at Level 40
    7. Bonzo – Unlocked at Level 50

    Here is a video showing all of the unlockable mounts in Red Dead Redemption.

    Legend Rank 1
    Levels 1, 4, and 8 unlock the same mounts for every Rank including the first go through.
    Level 11 – Cleveland Bay (Same for Legend 2, 3, and 4)
    Level 22 – Hungarian Half-bred
    Level 33 – American Standard-bred
    Level 40 – Bonzo
    Level 50 – Buffalo

    Legend Rank 2
    Level 15 – Hungarian (Same for Legend 3 and 4)
    Level 22 – American Standard (Same for Legend 3 and 4)
    Level 33 – Bonzo
    Level 40 – Buffalo
    Level 50 – Albino Buffalo

    Legend Rank 3
    Level 26 – Bonzo (Same for Legend 4)
    Level 33 – Buffalo (Same for Legend 4)
    Level 40 – Albino Buffalo
    Level 50 – Super Bull

    Legend Rank 4
    Level 37 – Albino Buffalo
    Level 42 – Super Bull
    Level 50 – Zebra Donkey

    Making it to level 50 gives you the option to become a “Legend”, like Modern Warfare 2’s Prestige Mode. This also gives you the “How The West Was Won” Achievement (20G) / Trophy (Silver).

    Rank 50 multiplayer characters video

    This video showcases all of the character unlocks available to anyone who reaches rank 50 in Red Dead Redemption multiplayer.

    Legendary Rank Mode Extras

    This video, with commentary, demonstrates how to “Pass Into Legend”. You need to be rank 50 in Red Dead Redemption’s multiplayer to receive this option. If you choose to “Pass Into Legend” then you will lose your weapons, mounts and all of your challenges are reset. But, you will still have access to all of your playlists, titles, golden guns and characters that you unlocked previously.

    If you do choose to become a Legend then you will gain the special access right to a legendary character (one every legend rank, there are five ranks) and the opportunity to earn legendary mounts. It adds to the fun of getting challenges again with new perks of gaining legendary characters and mounts. Hopefully this video will clear up some of the confusion out there when it comes to what you lose, gain or keep when becoming a Legend.

    Thanks to Jon, iPRIMETIME360 & typicalgamer for the tips.