UFC Undisputed 2010 codes, cheats and tips for unlockable wrestlers (Xbox 360, PS3)

UFC Undisputed 2010 Shaq Unlockable Character screenshot
Looking for UFC Undisputed 2010 codes, cheats and tips for unlockable characters? There aren’t a lot yet available but here are some to give you more bang for you buck out of this fighter.


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    There are five unlockable characters in Ultimate Fighting Championship Undisputed 2010. To unlock them you will need to press the following cheat codes.

    1. BJ Penn Black Trunks (Alternate Outfit) – Press: LB, RB, RT, LT, LT, RT, RB, LB, Y, X, X, Y, Start
    2. Unlock NBA basketball player Shaquille O’Neal – Press: Right, Up, Left, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, X, Y, Y, X, Start
    3. Unlock Mask, Skyscrape, and Punkass (Tapout Characters) – Press: D,D,U,R,L,D,Back,Start

    How to Touch Gloves Before Match

    You can touch the gloves of your opponent by pressing the D-Pad towards your opponent before the match begins. Do this 10 times and you will get the “Honorable Fighter” Achievement/Trophy.

    How to Taunt Your Opponent Before Match

    Press the D-Pad in directions away from your opponent to Taunt them. Do so 5 times in the middle of a match and you’ll earn the Cocky S.O.B Achievement/Trophy.

    How to Avoid Easy Submissions by CPU Opponents

    If the computer keeps performing easy submissions on you, be sure that you are keeping an eye on your Stamina meter, as this is the biggest factor. If it is in the red, then the computer can easily perform a submission on you. If they start doing a submission, rotate the Control Stick to try and break out of it.

    Here is a video showing you how to unlock Shaq.