Red Dead Redemption Hunting Challenges Locations Guide (Xbox 360, PS3)

Hunting Challenge #3

Kill and skin 5 Wolves. But you must kill them using your Melee Knife.

A good location for hunting Wolves is: During the night all around the Tall Trees area, with more areas shown on video.
Protip for killing with your Melee Knife:
1. Try locking onto an animal with your melee knife, wait for it to charge you, and then right before it jumps you do your first swing with your knife.
2. An alternate way to kill a wolf is by using a low power pistol to shoot the hind quarters/legs of the animal, and then switch to your melee knife for an easier kill.

Hunting Challenge #4

Kill and skin 5 Boars and 3 Armadillos.

A good location for hunting Boars is: A hill northwest of Hennigan’s Stead. Hill is South of the train tracks triangle slighty and on the eastern side of the train tracks. Road runs through the hill spliting it in two shown on map. If zoomed all the way in on the map it is at the TE in the Stead of where it says Hennigan’s Stead. Pack heavy.
A good location for hunting Armadillos is: Halfway between Gaptooth Breach and Tumbleweed. Armadillos come out in the rain. Use a weak pistol or else you will blow apart the poor Armadillo.