Rock Band 3 adds piano / keytar peripheral

Rock Band 3 Piano/Keytar confirmed
It’s official. Piano or some kind of Keytar is coming to Rock Band 3!

This was confirmed via a teaser image that appears at the end of the recent Green Day: Rock Band demo that is downloadable now on Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network.

Obviously this will be a huge additional to the game and could fundamentally add a ton to it, enough to make a lot of people buy this latest version (which is scheduled to hit this holiday).

In addition, as you can see in the picture above, Vocal Harmonies (which were first seen in The Beatles: Rock Band) are also confirmed for Rock Band 3.

What is NOT known is exactly how you will hook up all the instruments. Or what kind of peripheral this piano plastic instrument will really be. Or even how it will work/function.

We’ll find out in June at E3 2010. And for now, enjoy this awesome keytar segment from the Jim Carey movie Yes Man. :mrgreen:

Via Kotaku