Red Dead Redemption Treasures Locations Guide (Xbox 360, PS3)

22 May 2010
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Treasure Location #4 – Found at Rio del Toro

This can only be got after the attack on Fort Mercer. This is another one that is almost impossible to find with the naked eye. Also difficult to describe, but the Treasure is essentially located north of the tree, behind a rock wall. Discover it using this video. — Tubman’s Gold is worth $263.

Treasure Location #5 – Found at Crooked Toes

This can only be found after the attack on Fort Mercer. Scale up the side of one of the rock structures to find this Treasure at the top. One of the easiest ones to find. — Brown’s Gold is worth $300.

Treasure Location #6 – Found at Ojo del Diablo

Once again, you can only get this Treasure after you have competed the attack on Fort Mercer. This Treasure is essentially located along an upper ridge at the base of the circular rock structure. To get to it, you have to ride through the circle and head to the right side after going quite a ways back. You’ll find a path there among the rocks that allows you to reach a higher path that will take you all the way back to the circle rock formation and the treasure. Sound complicated? See how to get it in this video. — Douglass’ Gold is worth $338.


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