Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands cheats and tips (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands cheats sheet
Looking for Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands cheats for extra unlockable modes and tips on how to survive? Then check below for the latest hints for Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. We’ve also included how to get past the game-stopping glitch/bug near the end of the game without spoilers.


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  • Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Unlockable Cheats

    How do you unlock the Enemy Tide in Challenge Mode?
    You will not be able to access the Enemy Tide in Challenge Mode until you’ve finished the game once.
    In turn, only by completing Enemy Tide in Challenge Mode can you unlock the “Prince of Tides” achievement / trophy.

    How do you unlock the Forgotten Arena mode?
    If you want to play in the Forgotten Arena, you’ll need to get the game at GameStop, which is the only place where reserving Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands will net you an exclusive voucher code to download an exclusive mode known as the Forgotten Arena. If you’re reading this after the game has been released, ask them if it’s still included or not.
    Ubisoft may also make this mode available as downloadable content later in 2010.
    Watch the trailer below to see what the mode looks like.

    How do you unlock the maximum level to all powers?
    Even after you’ve found every sarcophagus and defeated every enemy on your first play through, you’ll find you can’t earn enough XP (eXperience Points) to upgrade everything.
    When you defeat enemies and destroy sarcophagi, you get XP that let you level up and as a result earns you upgrade points.
    Remember that when an upgrade point is available, a message will pop up on the top-right corner of the screen telling you to visit the upgrade menu.
    The upgrade menu (shown in the cheat sheet picture above) is a grid made up of several gem slots, each of which is an upgrade.

    If you want to max out all your powers and other levels, you’ll need to:
    A) Play through the game a second time. By starting a “New Game” after you’ve finished the game, all your previous stats will be kept.
    B) Play through the Challenge Modes until you have enough XP to buy all the upgrades from that menu.
    In turn, only by maxing out all your upgrades with more XP can you unlock the “Completist” achievement / trophy.

    How to fix the game-stopping glitch near the end of the game?
    People are reporting that Ubisoft has not fixed a glitch/bug in the game, near the end yet. If you get stuck in a room with the swinging axes in the hallway in the middle, after you’ve missed a jump with vultures near the end of the game. Then you’ll find out that the autosave restarts you in the same room with no way out! Oops!
    Ubisoft’s technical support provides the following temporary solution:

    “One thing I can suggest at this point would be to run the game from your backup Auto Save file. I included the steps for this below.

    Xbox 360
    1. From the dash board go to “My Xbox”
    2. Scroll to System Settings (Far Right)
    3. Choose “memory”
    4. Open your storage device
    5. Choose Games
    6. Select “Prince of Prince:TFS”

    1. From the XMB scroll to the games menu
    2. Open the save data utility folder
    3. Locate prince of Persia: TFS

    You most likely have an “Auto Save” file and a “Backup Autosave” file. You can try deleting the “Auto Save” and then starting the game and choosing “Continue” allowing it to load from the backup autosave file. This will hopefully take you to an earlier point in the game that you can continue from.”

    Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Tips List

    1. Did you know the Prince is faster at rolling than running? If you find yourself in a hurry, do a series of rolls to speed up your pace. Or as us internet folks like to say “Do a barrel roll!”

    2. Always destroy all vases and barrels you come across, whether you need health or not. If you destroy 100 vases or barrels, you’ll earn the “Anger Management” achievement / trophy as a bonus.

    3. Do a power-attack at the very end of a five-hit combo to make the Prince perform a series of powerful sword swings that cover a lot of ground. Since this move causes the Prince to step forward and spin, if you move your controller stick in a figure “8” pattern, he’ll do a lot more damage to many nearby enemies.

    4. Talking about enemies. If you knock one or more to the ground, instead of watching the enemies lying there, stand over them and press the attack button to do a quick kill. Just make sure no other enemies are nearby and about to strike you, which you can detect when they are lifting their swords up in the air.

    5. Do not do an aerial slash on a sergeant enemy until it is stunned by a kick. Or it’ll knock you back with its shield, just as you try to jump on its shoulders.

    6. When you’re moving across walls or other objects in the landscape that you’ve frozen in time, be warned that your freeze power might run out of juice on the longer sections. To prevent this from happening, temporarily stop freezing time in between jumps, as that will replenish the flow gauge enough for the Prince to make it to the end.