Alan Wake Manuscript Pages Locations Guide to all 106 (Xbox 360)

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Looking for all Alan Wake Manuscript Page Locations? Our guide will show you where to find all 106 of them in this Xbox 360-exclusive psychological survival horror game.

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  • There are over 100 manuscript pages to find, some of which are only discoverable if you play on the highest difficulty level (Nightmare Mode). These book pages provide a great deal of additional exposition and further information on the compelling world and storyline that the developers at Remedy have created for Alan Wake.

    Collecting 25 Manuscript Pages will unlock the “Paging Mr. Wake” Achievement that’s worth 20 GamerPoints that will be added to your GamerScore upon completion. Whereas finding 100 Manuscript Pages will earn you a whopping 50G and the “Collector’s Edition” Achievement.

    Steve will be providing the videos/descriptions IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER to show exactly where to find each page, as you would when playing through the game.

    Nightmare – Episode 1 Manuscripts

    Manuscript Pages #1 and 2: “The Title Page of the Manuscript” and “Wake Attacked by a Shadowy Murderer”
    You will find these on the chapter “Waking Up to a Nightmare”. You will automatically acquire these two as you move down the path and into the light for a cutscene.

    Manuscript Page #13 (Available ONLY in Nightmare Difficulty): “Rose Is a Fan”
    Just before you enter the first logging camp via a log over a fence. Look towards the left side to find it laying on a log.

    Manuscript Page #3: “Wake Fights a Taken with Light”
    This one is inside of the first logging camp next to a large pile of pallets.

    Manuscript Page #10: “Rose Daydreams About Wake”
    Once you have climbed over a fence exiting the first logging camp you will come across a yellow crane on the road. Head in the direction to the left of it and up the hill. It will be on the wall inside of the shack up here. There is a tractor up here too.

    Manuscript Page #11: “Barry’s Arrival”
    When you have reached the river and proceed to cross the logs. Stay to the right side of these small islands and cross the logs to find it on a silver metal cabinet near the edge.

    Manuscript Page #4 (Available ONLY in Nightmare Difficulty): “The Dark Presence Wakes Up”
    This one is located when you are crossing the river on one of the boulders. It is close to the second logging camp.

    Manuscript Page #5: “Wake Attacked by Birds”
    When you are inside of the second logging camp, you will have to turn on the generator in order to proceed on to the next area. There is a log building right next to it, you will find it in here on a table.

    Manuscript Page #6: “Wake Finds Pages”
    Once you have climbed out of the second logging camp. You will come across a Safe Heaven. While proceeding on and up the hill, you will come across it laying on the ground on the path.

    Manuscript Page #7: “TV in the Gas Station”
    You will find it near some barrels on your way to the third logging camp. It will be laying on the ground just as you start to walk up the hill. A Safe Heaven will be at the top.

    Manuscript Page #8: “Wake Lies to the Sheriff”
    You will find it laying on the ground at the gated entrance at the third logging camp.

    Manuscript Page #9: “Stucky Taken”
    When you have reached Stucky’s Gas Station, it will be laying on the ground behind the parade float.

    Manuscript Page #12 (Available ONLY in Nightmare Difficulty): “Toby the Dog”
    Once you have reached Stucky’s Gas Station, it will be in the back of it to the left of the ladies restroom door on the wall.