Super Mario Bros 2 parallel world warp and 1UP locations, level shortcuts and secrets (Wii, NES)

6 May 2010
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Super Mario Bros. 2 Warp Locations screenshot
Looking for Super Mario Bros. 2 warp locations and secrets, this guide will show you where to find them as well as 1UP Locations, level shortcuts and general tips for this 8-bit classic NES sequel to the original Super Mario Bros.

You can purchase Super Mario Bros. 2 on the Wii Virtual Console for 500 Wii Points, or play it a number of other ways. The game was re-released on Game Boy Advance in updated form as “Super Mario Advance” and it was included as part of the “Super Mario All-Stars” compilation cartridge for the SNES. You can also play the game in it’s original NES form if you have a Nintendo Entertainment System and can track down the cartridge.

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  • Super Mario Bros. 2 Parallel World – Enter Subcon

    Subcon is the name of the Parallel World in Super Mario Bros. 2 and is the evil dimension from which Wart and his cronies hail. To enter Subcon, you need to use a potion. Potions are found within the grass patches that you can pull by pressing the B Button. Throw the Potion Bottle on the ground and it’ll spawn a door. Enter the door and you will appear in a darker version of the same area. This mirror image “Parallel World”, or Subcon, is a mysterious place where grass patches turn into Coins and hidden Mushrooms are found that give you an extra Heart (Energy). The Mushrooms will only appear if you enter Subcon in the right location. Pick the Mushroom up to earn it. Coins meanwhile earn you another chance at winning extra lives in the between-level Slot Machine mini-game. But hurry up! You can only stay in Subcon for about six seconds before you are forced back out and into the Mushroom Kingdom.

    Super Mario Bros. 2 Warp Locations

    Throughout Super Mario Bros. 2, you can find various warps hidden in the game. Similar but different than the original Super Mario Bros., where warps came in the form of green pipes hidden in “Warp Zones”; Super Mario Bros. 2 warps take the form of long jars. Normally these jars cannot typically be entered. But some of them turn into warps during Subcon. Enter one of these Warp Jars by pressing Down while in Subcon and you’ll magically reappear at a later level!

    Warp #1
    This Warp will take you from level 1-3 to the start of World 4 (4-1). You’ll find this Warp Jar behind the first door at the very end. Use the Potion found in one of the five grass patches to the left.

    Warp #2
    This Warp will take you from level 3-1 to the beginning of World 5 (5-1). You’ll find it at the bottom of the waterfall, where there is a secret room. Use the Potion here to enter Subcon and then go down the far right Warp Jar.

    Warp #3
    This Warp will take you from level 4-2 to the beginning of World 6 (6-1). You’ll find the Warp Jar beyond an area with seven grass patches. Get the Potion from the patches and carry it to the right until you reach the Warp Jar.

    Warp #4
    This Warp will take you from level 5-3 to the beginning of World 7 (7-1). You’ll most preferably want to be Luigi, who can jump the highest. Hold down for a while until he charges, then Power Jump to reach a ledge above the start of the level. There you will find a Potion and Warp Jar.

    This video shows you where all of the Warp Pipes are located (but the video isn’t as good quality as the two above).

    Super Mario Bros. 2 Secret 1-UP Locations

    There are many 1UP Mushrooms hidden throughout the levels in Super Mario Bros. 2. Pulling these up will give you an extra life instantly. Here are their locations:

    Level 1-1: You’ll find this 1UP after the waterfall with the floating logs. It is next to a POW. Pick up the grass patch and it’ll be a 1UP!
    Level 1-2: Go into the first Jar you come across (in the regular world, not Subcon). You’ll find a 1Up Mushroom hidden inside the Jar.
    Level 2-2: This 1UP is found through a door before you fight the Cobrat enemies that come up from the Jars. Inside the door, pull the grass patch on the bottom right for this 1UP.
    Level 5-1: You’ll find this 1UP on a platform that contains a potion. Use the third Trouter to reach the platform.
    Level 6-1: You’ll find two 1UPs within one of the Jars. Dig to the bottom of the sand and you’ll find two grass patches that are 1UPs.

    Lots of extra lives cheat (Level 3-1)

    In this stage, at the big waterfall, walk off the ledge and fall all the way down but land in the middle island. Go in the door, and instead of warping, use the Potion and then pick up as many coins as you can from the grass patches in Subspace. Then drop down and do the same thing a second time. This will net you a huge number of chances for extra lives at the in-between levels slot machine mini-game. If you try to do it a third time, the grass patches will simply pull up as veggies. But you can still use the Warp. You can also easily reach Birdo by using the Princess to ride the Pidget’s carpet up and go into the door on the left.

    Super Mario Bros. 2 Tips, Shortcuts and Secrets

    Level 1-1 – Shortcut to Birdo
    You can find a shortcut to the Birdo boss in this level. Once you reach the underground area with the vine and the waterfall, leap over the chasm to the other side. You’ll find a letter with some bricks and a door behind them. At the top are two grass patches. Pulling up the patches will give you bombs. So you have to shots to drop a bomb and time it right so that it explodes and breaks the bricks. Try to blow up two bricks to easily slip through, although you can duck and jump to get through with one brick missing. If you do it correctly, enter the door for a shortcut directly to Birdo!

    Level 2-2 – Shortcut to Birdo
    During the sand burrowing section, take the right path and it leads straight to Birdo.

    Level 4-2 – Kill Birdo in One Hit!
    Ride the rocket and collect the cherries. Then ride the Autobomb over the spikes. Now collect the final cherries and get the Starman. Enter the door while invincible and if you’re fast enough you can jump into Birdo with the Starman and kill him in a single hit!

    Level 4-3 – Shortcut to Fryguy
    Use the Princess. When you reach Birdo, don’t kill him but instead jump on the egg and ride it across the water. Now don’t enter the first door you come across, instead use the Princess to float to the other platform and enter that door. You should be at the Fryguy. This shortcut essentially lets you skip the entire level!

    Level 6-2 – Easily Beaten
    Power Jump and use one of the high Albatross enemies to literally ride/fly across the entire level. Simply jump over the other Albatross you encounter.

    Level 6-3 – Shortcut to Boss
    When you reach the outside portion of this stage, you’ll see some quicksand to your left. Sink into the quicksand and hold left. Make sure you don’t sink too far but if you get lower enough you can sink and go under the wall! Keep jumping to keep yourself from sinking all the way into the pit and dying. Once on the other side, keep jumping to get out of the quicksand. Now enter the door in this secret area. This door is a major shortcut to the boss. You’ll almost skip the entire level!


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