Marvel VS Capcom 3 characters list

Marvel vs Capcom 3 characters artwork
Marvel vs Capcom 3 characters are set to run the gamut from both the Capcom and Marvel universes, with plenty of fan-service for the surely very large cast.

At least, you have to assume, given how long it has been since the last installment in the series and given the current state of Capcom in going out of their way to please their fans.

–> UPDATE: We also have a guide that explains how to unlock all secret Marvel VS Capcom 3 characters.

The only officially confirmed characters so far for the Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds cast are these six characters: Ryu (Street Fighter), Morrigan (Dark Stalkers), Chris Redfield (Resident Evil), The Hulk, Iron Man and Wolverine.

But given the silhouette above, the following characters are also likely to be included in the game. And we are sure to learn much more about who is in the game as it nears release.

1. Captain America (Marvel)
2. Chris Redfield (Capcom, from Resident Evil)
3. Chun-Li (Capcom, from Street Fighter)
4. Dante (Capcom, from Devil May Cry)
5. Deadpool (Marvel)
6. Doctor Doom (Marvel)
7. Dormammu (Marvel, from the Doctor Strange series)
8. Felicia (Capcom, from the Darkstalkers fighting games)
9. Iron Man (Marvel)
10. Morrigan (Capcom, from the Darkstalkers fighting games)
11. Ryu (Capcom, from Street Fighter)
12. Super Skrull (Marvel, from Fantastic Four)
13. The Hulk (Marvel)
14. Trish (Capcom, from Devil May Cry)
15. Wolverine (Marvel)
16. Thor (Marvel)
17. Amaterasu (Capcom, from Okami)
18. Tron Bonne (Capcom, from Mega Man Legends)
19. Nathan “Rad” Spencer (Capcom, from Bionic Commando)
20. Arthur (Capcom, from Ghosts N Goblins)
21. Magneto (Marvel from X-Men)
22. MODOK (Marvel, Captain America)
23. C. Viper (Capcom, Street Fighter IV)
24. Storm (Marvel, X-Men)
25. She-Hulk (Marvel, Hulk)
26. Zero (Capcom, Mega Man X/Zero)
27. X-23 (Marvel, X-Men)
28. Viewtiful Joe (Capcom, Viewtiful Joe series)
29. Albert Wesker (Capcom, Resident Evil)
30. Spider-Man (Marvel)
31. Mike Haggar (Capcom, Final Fight)
32. Phoenix aka Jean Grey (Marvel, X-Men)
33. Akuma (Possibly DLC. Capcom/Street Fighter Alpha)
34. Taskmaster (Marvel super-villain, The Avengers)
35. Hsien-Ko (Capcom, Dark Stalkers)
36. Sentinel (Marvel, X-Men) (Sentinel MvC3 original scan)

37. Shuma Gorath (Shuma Gorath MvC3 artwork)
38. Jill Valentine (Jill MvC3 artwork)

Frank West (Capcom, Dead Rising)
Doctor Strange (Marvel)
Mega Man or Mega Man X

NON-PLAYABLE (Appear during the storyline, background areas or single-player portions)
The Fantastic Four (The Human Torch, The Thing, Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman) [Marvel]
Ghost Rider (Marvel)
Man-Thing (Marvel)

ABSENT (Will not be in the game)
Silver Surfer (Marvel)
Tyrant (Capcom, Resident Evil)
Nemesis (Capcom, Resident Evil)
Ice Man (Marvel, X-Men)
Amingo (Capcom, Marvel vs Capcom 2)
Ruby Heart (Capcom, Marvel vs Capcom 2)

1. Amingo (Capcom, Marvel vs Capcom 2)
2. Anakaris (Capcom, DarkStalkers)
3. Anita (Capcom, MvC1 Partner character)
4. B.B. Hood (Capcom, Vampire Savior)
5. Blackheart (Marvel, Daredevil)
6. Cable (Marvel, X-Men)
7. Cammy (Capcom, Street Fighter)
8. Captain Commando (Capcom early mascot character, Arcade)
9. Charlie (Capcom, Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors Dream, Arcade)
10. Colossus (Marvel, X-Men)
11. Cyclops (Marvel, X-Men)
12. Dan (Capcom, Street Fighter Alpha)
13. Devilotte (Capcom, MvC1 Partner character)
14. Dhalsim (Capcom, Street Fighter)
15. Gambit (Marvel, X-Men)
16. Guile (Capcom, Street Fighter)
17. Hayato (Capcom, Star Gladiator, Arcade)
18. Hulk – Orange Version (Marvel, MvC1 character)
19. Iceman (Marvel, X-Men)
20. Jin (Capcom, Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness, Sega Saturn)
21. Jubilee (Marvel, MvC1 Partner character)
22. Juggernaut (Marvel, X-Men)
23. Ken (Capcom, Street Fighter)
24. Lilith (Capcom, MvC1 character)
25. Lou & Siva (Capcom, MvC1 Partner character)
26. M. Bison (Capcom, Street Fighter)
27. Marrow (Marvel, X-Men)
28. Mega Man (Capcom)
29. Michelle Heart (Capcom, MvC1 Partner character)
30. Omega Red (Marvel, X-Men)
31. Onslaught (Capcom – MvC1 character)
32. Psylocke (Marvel, X-Men)
33. Pure & Fur (Capcom, MvC1 Partner character)
34. Rogue (Marvel, X-Men)
35. Roll (Capcom, Mega Man)
36. Ruby Heart (Capcom, Marvel vs Capcom 2)
37. Sabretooth (Marvel, X-Men)
38. Saki Omokane (Capcom, MvC1 Partner character)
39. Sakura (Capcom, Street Fighter Alpha)
40. Servebot (Capcom, Mega Man Legends)
41. Shadow (Capcom, MvC1 Partner character)
42. Shadow Lady (Capcom, MvC1 character)
43. Silver Samurai (Marvel, Daredevil)
44. SonSon (Capcom, Marvel vs Capcom 2)
45. Spiral (Marvel, Avengers)
46. Strider Hiryu (Capcom, Arcade)
47. Thanos (Marvel, Iron Man)
48. Ton Pooh (Capcom, MvC1 Partner character)
49. U.S. Agent (Marvel, MvC1 Partner character)
50. Unknown Soldier (Capcom, MvC1 Partner character)
51. Venom (Marvel, Spider-Man)
52. Venom – Red Version (Marvel, MvC1 character)
53. War Machine (Marvel, Iron Man)
54. War Machine – Gold Version (Marvel, MvC1 character)
55. Wolverine – Bone-Claw Version (Marvel, X-Men/Weapon X)
56. Zangief (Capcom, Street Fighter)

A DarkStalker rises from the darkness. ATTACK!

The Age of Apocalypse is at hand! The Sentinel makes his X-Men crushing debut!

Taskmaster unleashes evil in his gameplay debut!

Mike Haggar returns from defending Metro City as it’s Governator (er, mayor) to pound your face in!

The Dark Phoenix rises!

She-Hulk SMASH!

Zero from the Mega Man Universe brings the pain!

Things get strange as MODOK arrives!

Cult-classic Mega Man Legends gal Tron Bonne joins the fray!

Wolverine’s better female half arrives to slice some superhero with X-23!

Evil is in town… Magneto descends.

Street Fighter IV’s Crimson Viper makes her VS debut.

Even more girl power! A Storm is brewing….

Albert Wesker of Resident Evil villainy-fame makes his fighting game debut.

Viewtiful Joe returns! Makes his fighting game debut.

Hellfire rains down as Dormammu steps onto the stage.

This video showcases the four newest characters to the roster: Chun-Li, Doctor Doom, Trish and Super-Skrull.

This video showcases Okami’s Amaterasu, the white wolf, in action!

This video showcases Marvel’s Thunder God, Thor, who makes his debut in the series.

Arthur from Ghosts N Goblins is a new challenger!

Nathan Rad Spencer is ready to hook you with his Bionic Arm!

Here is the debut trailer for the game showing off six of the first revealed characters.

Here is a developer interview from Capcom’s Captivate 2010 event where Marvel vs Capcom 3 was first announced.

Who do you most want to see make an appearance as playable in Marvel VS Capcom 3? Obviously some characters are almost certain to be in the final build, such as Spider-Man and Ken. But there are so many characters that not everyone’s favorite will make it.

Here is the ScrewAttack list of characters they hoped to see in Marvel vs Capcom 3 upon the game’s original announcement.