How to play Monster Hunter Tri in co-op and other modes

Monster Hunter Tri cool artwork
Are you looking for how to play Monster Hunter Tri in cooperative and in other modes outside of the single player? The Wii game features a lot of new and cool stuff, including online play, so here is the skinny on how it all works.

This overview trailer details all of the features contained in Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii. It really shows you what you can expect when playing the game yourself.

The most exciting and biggest improvement over the Japanese version of the game is the fact that the Western versions will support voice chat online via the Wii Speak peripheral! This will allow games to easily chat with their friends and makes strategy much easier. You’ll be able to easily share information on monster weaknesses, easily discuss the best way to tackle a battle, or even cry for help! You should also thank the gaming gods that online play is FREE, because it wasn’t in the Japanese version.

Monster Hunter Tri also supports not only the Wii Remote & Nunchuck, but also the Classic Controller (and the game will be bundled with the new Classic Controller Pro in some markets).

Here is a spec list of the Co-Op features of Monster Hunter Tri:

Local Co-Op: Yes
Number of Players Offline: 2 Players
Online Co-Op: Yes
Number of Players Online: 4 Players
LAN or System Link: No
Number of Players via LAN or System link: 0 Players
Splitscreen: Yes (VIEW SCREENS)
Playable Online with Splitscreen: No
Number of Players Online with Splitscreen: 0 Players
Drop-In / Drop-Out: Yes
Co-Op Specific Content: Yes
Single player content available in Co-Op: Yes

Here is the game’s launch trailer.