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20 April 2010
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Angry Birds cheats and tips screenshot (iPhone/iPod/mobile cell game)
Looking for Angry Birds tips and cheats for the iPhone/iPod Touch/mobile game?


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  • Angry Birds tasks players with taking out the pigs by slingshoting various kinds of birds in different directions to take out said pigs encased in enclosed physics-based structures. There are a variety of birds with varying abilities and lots of skill involved.

    Here’s an in-game video from Angry Birds developers, showing tips of how they use the different birds to play the game.

    Each bird has strengths and weaknesses. Bomb birds are best used to take out tricky defenses. They are also extremely helpful if all your targets are in close proximity to each other.

    The birds that split into three missiles are great for setting off chain reactions. This is extremely helpful because the chain reactions will target different parts of the map all at once.

    For each level or structure there isn’t necessarily a set strategy. Some can be taken down with one precise hit, while others need constant bombardment before you can get at the pigs inside.

    It can be difficult to destroy stone walls, it will take some moving. So it can be best to target the wooden pieces first, hoping that will unsettle the rest of the structure.

    Game available now for iPhone/iPod Touch and Nokia N900 mobile phones.



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