Splinter Cell Conviction characters list

Splinter Cell: Conviction characters screenshot of Sam Fisher and the environmental projection visual feature
Splinter Cell: Conviction is the fifth and latest game in the Splinter Cell franchise. The famous stealth-action series from Tom Clancy and Ubisoft finally returns after what will have been a four year hiatus. The last game in the series was Splinter Cell: Double Agent.

It will be released today (April 13th) in America, in Europe on April 15th and in the UK on April 16th. Exclusively for Xbox 360, PC and iPhone (with the iPhone version being developed by Gameloft).

In Splinter Cell: Conviction all of the rules players have known from the franchises beginning have changed, as the storyline takes a dramatic turn that will reinvent the Splinter Cell franchise forever and brings it into the modern age. Complete with gorgeous graphics and an all-new visual effect where key events/objectives are “screened” onto the environment itself (this can even include full movie clips in addition to text and pictures, as can be seen in the screenshot above) which allows the player to be informed without the flow of the game being broken. The effect is simply stunning.

Here is a list of the characters that will be appearing in Splinter Cell: Conviction:

Anna “Grim” Grímsdóttir
Tom Reed
Sam Fisher
Sarah Fisher
Splinter Cell Agent Archer
Voron Agent Kestrel

Splinter Cell: Conviction Last Known Position in-action screenshot
A few years have passed since the cliff hanger conclusion of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Double Agent, in which Agent Sam Fisher undertook a particularly dirty mission, full of questionable actions, in the shadow of the inexplicable and unmourned death of his daughter. Fisher is now a renegade operative digging into the events of the past and he doesn’t like what he has found. His personal investigation into his daughter’s death reveals that he’s been betrayed by his former agency, the Third Echelon. The agency responds by pursuing him, but as he works to elude them he becomes aware of a deadly terrorist plot that threatens millions. He is uniquely positioned and prepared to act against this, but success is doubtful without the help of former friends from the Third Echelon team, resulting in a series of life and death situations for himself and the country where trust can by no means be assumed.

Splinter Cell: Conviction will play completely different than previous entries with a bigger focus on great gunplay and action, although stealth will also play a huge role. New moves include: “Mark & Execute” (allows you to “paint” a number of targets then quickly execute them with a well placed shot) and “Last Known Position”, which leaves a transparent figure of Sam’s last known location where enemies thought they saw him. The game also features an experience system where you are rewarded for completing objectives and can then spend the experience points earned on upgrading weapons and gadgets to turn Sam Fisher into an even deadlier killer.

Here is the official Splinter Cell: Conviction “Characters” trailer to celebrate the release of the game. Although it really details more about the story than the characters listed above.

Those who bought the Splinter Cell: Conviction Limited Edition for Xbox 360 will get the following extras (all versions also include an access key to the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier beta):

* Custom USB Drive – Compatible with Xbox 360, the drive contains exclusive media including: ‘making of’ video, wallpaper, concept art, storyboards and more.
* “Fifth Freedom: The Art of Splinter Cell” – A hardbound Prima book of Splinter Cell art, including all games in the series and in-depth commentary and notes.
* Exclusive in-game Items – The MP5-SD3 submachine gun and an exclusive 3rd Echelon outfit.
* Collectable Decals – Exclusive Collector’s Edition decals include: 3rd Echelon logo decal and the Bullet Hole decal.
* “Digging in the Ashes” Comic Book – Digital comic book detailing the sequence of events preceding Splinter Cell Conviction.
* Steelbook DVD Case – Case with embossed metallic etching and iconic bullet hole imagery.

Depending on where you ordered from, those outside America get various other extra goodies in their collector’s editions, such as

* This “Splinter Cell: Conviction – Limited Collector’s Edition” is exclusive to Europe, Middle East, Asia and Pacific territories for the PC or Xbox 360 versions. It includes: A high quality limited edition box, Sam Fisher Figurine, Steelbook DVD case, soundtrack DVD (over 17 tracks) and a card that includes download keys for the following DLC items: The MP-5 submachine gun, SC3000 assault rife, SMG-2 machine pistol, Infiltration game mode and the Shadow Armour outfit.

Here is a trailer showing all the extras.

* European “GAME” stores have the “Splinter Cell: Conviction – Special Edition” which includes: Alternate box artwork, an SPAS-12 Silenced Shotgun exclusive weapon, a 32-page digital comic book entitled “Digging in the Ashes” and a DVD with a making-of documentary.
* Lastly, the UK’s online store “Play.co.uk” has an exclusive limited edition which features a Splinter Cell: Conviction Torch that ships with each copy of the game.

If you got a Splinter Cell: Conviction pre-order at GameStop in America then you were also given an exclusive “SPAS-12 Suppressed Shotgun” weapon. Which offers semi-automatic fire power that can be used to cover medium to far range.