Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough Video Guide (Xbox 360, PC)

Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough Mission 9: Michigan Ave Reservoir (EMP)

Take out the enemies from anywhere you want, no reason to use stealth here. After killing everyone, interrogate the only guy left. Afterwards, head to the left of the building and climb up the pole and into the window. I use mark and execution for the first set of guards here, then I just open fire on the rest to take them out. You can just shoot them all if you want to.

In the last part of this video I take it slow while using mark and execution to take out the guards in both of the rooms. You do not have to wait to take any of them out; it is up to you if you want a firefight or not with these guards. I enjoy doing a little bit of both as shown.

Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough Mission 9: Michigan Ave Reservoir (EMP) – Part 2

In this next part, to take out the most guards, I pull them down over the railing. You will not always be able to grab a guard as not every one will come over to investigate unless they have a reason to. If this does happen to you, just climb up and head outside through one of the many windows in this room. I recommend the windows to the right side, if you are looking at the door as the guards rarely patrol that section. Now just take out the remaining guards patrolling this area.

In the next area, I use my mark and execution with the Five Seven pistol on first set of four guards standing around. Then just finish off the last two enemies any way you want to. If you run into any troubles here, use the underground sewer system to go back and forth to flank the guards above. Afterwards, plant the C4 and head to the 2nd and last generator.

Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough Mission 9: Michigan Ave Reservoir (EMP) – Part 3

At the beginning of this video, I made some noise by running to get the attention of both guards. They are behind the first entrance down the hallway. Take them out by performing take downs; I then use execution on the next 4 guards in the room. There are then 4 more before leaving the underground room. Mark them and throw out an EMP, then rush 1 guard to perform a take down then execute the remaining.

This last part, you will have a helicopter shooting at you as you move towards the last generator. Use cover at ALL times so you do not die by it or enemies near you. Use the marking system and any equipment you have left. Take out everyone until you are able to set the C4 on the generator.

Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough Mission 10: Downtown District (Get To The White House)

The first part of the mission is very easy. I take the enemies out straight on, although you can sneak around to the door on the right side if you wanted to perform a take down on an enemy then do a execution on some of the rest. When I approached them I throw grenades and barely fired any shots.

Afterwards run towards the next objective and the game will eventually force you into walking. Once you meet the next set of enemies, you can take them all out. There is also a pole on the right side of the wall, that I eventually use. You could use it as another way to take out the enemies from here, above or to flank them. At the very end, you can perform a take down on a guard by the scaffolding, then mark any four of the enemies. Execute them out and then finish the rest yourself.

Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough Mission 10: Downtown District (Get Inside The White House) – Part 2

This is the last part of the mission and your objective is to get into the White House. First you have to blow up the gate by using the tanker. I suggest throwing a sticky camera at the tanker, and then detonate it when you’re ready. Take out the guards however you prefer. I just did some stealth.

Once you are past the gates, head to the left side where the trees and darkness are. Easiest option is to do a takedown on an enemy and then perform executions on the remaining with Five Seven. The second to last area you are able to go left or right to hide, I went left. Just plan to take out everyone patrolling. The last part you can do the same — I ended up doing a takedown on one then doing mark and execution on the rest with the Five Seven again.

Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough Mission 11: The White House

By now you should already be more than familiar with the cover system and using it. Nearly every room you enter you will need to use it to take out the enemies in them. Make sure to take use of the all the equipment you are carrying as you may or may not need to use them.

At the end of the first hallway, there will be two guards I perform a takedown on both of them and head up the stairs. I immediately throw a sticky camera at the middle entrance and detonated it to take out a group of enemies. There are windows in here you can use to your advantage if you want. Throughout these rooms, use the cover system and watch and learn from what I do to help you out.

Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough Mission 11: The White House – Part 2 & Ending

You are near the end of the game. In the first and second room you will face trained agents with sonar goggles. Immediately throw grenades at the end of the hallway. In the next room you can also use grenades to take out the next group. Afterwards you will come to the final room with enemies in a firefight — You will need to attack them from behind.

Once you are in finished in that room, head out to meet up with Grim. Short cutscenes will take over from here. Although you will have to do some interaction between which includes walking, marking trained agents and then follow the screen as to which button to press. Good luck finishing the game!

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