Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough Video Guide (Xbox 360, PC)

Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough Mission 7: Lincoln Memorial

This first part of the Lincoln Memorial mission you only have to walk/run to the camera control booth. Once you have taken control of the cameras, just follow Reed and Galliard with the closest cameras so that you can listen to and record their conversation.
Afterwards, you will head up to the Lincoln Monument to have a chat with and interrogate Galliard.

Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough Mission 7: Lincoln Memorial – Part 2

In this second part video you will be chasing the killer, making this a very short mission. While you are chasing him, he will randomly stop and take a few shots at you, so prepare to duck and cover when he does this. There will be two times during the chase that he will tell two cops that you are a cop killer, so use the cover system to sneak past them to continue the chase. You should not run into any problems by doing this.
At the end of the mission you are waiting for a car to arrive for extraction. Multiple groups of Third Echelon Squads will arrive — kill them as they get to you. You will see that I use the building to climb around to use it as cover. Once the car arrives you can run to it to be extracted.

Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough Mission 8: Third Echelon Headquarters

If you are seen by any cameras or guards the mission is over and you will restart from the last checkpoints. You can kill the guards, but make sure your shots are not heard and their bodies not seen by another guard or camera. The route that I take is the route that I believe to be the easiest and therefore best. Mark the guards as you move along, so you know where they are at.

Once you are actually inside of Third Echelon, which is at the end of this video and the next two. Just continue to use the cover system and hiding in the shadows. The mark and execute feature comes in very handy on these office floors, so use it wisely when possible.

Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough Mission 8: Third Echelon Headquarters – Part 2

You can take out everyone you come across now. use the desks as cover and hide in the shadows. There are a few cameras to hide from, which alert the guards if seen. Though, if seen, the mission will not end. Depending on your level of patience, you could get into position to do take downs on some or most of them to gain executions. You should not have any problems here.

Storytelling: The missing short cutscene in the server room office shows a big fan of Sam’s giving him the sonar goggles.
You will face small groups of guards on your way back to interrogate Kobin. Before you can get to him you will have to pass through an invisible laser security system. You will need to use the sonar goggles given to you earlier to get passed this. If you touch a laser, the turrets will kill you. Use my route.

Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough Mission 8: Third Echelon Headquarters – Part 3

After interrogating Kobin a few enemies will come crashing through the above windows near you. After you have killed them all, one last group of enemies will come through the doorway in the direction of your next objective, Anna Grimsdottir’s office. Do not go too far through the doorway as this is the final part where you will have to maneuver through the invisible laser security system. You can head left or right, I chose to go left. Just take a look at my route in this video to get yourself familiarized with it. Once past this part, kill a few more enemies on your way upstairs.

There will be well trained agents with sonar goggles before and after an upcoming cutscene. This cutscene with Anna leads into a section where you must escape to be able to do your rescue. But it’s easy, because you have an unlimited number of execution to escape. Have fun!