Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough Video Guide (Xbox 360, PC)

Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough Mission 5: Washington Monument

Before you can meet up with Victor, you must take out 3 tails looking for you. You cannot have any witnesses when you grab them to interrogate them, so only do this in the shadows. If you follow what I do in this video, you won’t have any problems. This is the easy part.
Storytelling: When you reach Victor, a cutscene plays where he gives you a portable EMP device. You only have 3, so use them wisely.
Afterwards you have to head back to where you started. I recommend you save at least 1 EMP for the very end when you are near the car, unless you want to take the large number of enemies out yourself.
Protip: Keep shooting out lights and hide in the shadows.

Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough Mission 6: White Box Laboratories

This first part of the mission does not have much to it. You will be repetitively climbing up, down, moving from one side to another and into the building.
When you get to the security room, climb up the pole outside the door. Before you drop down and perform a takedown on the enemy below you, mark the 2 other enemies so you can immediately use the execution ability you just gained, just as I do in this video.

Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough Mission 6: White Box Laboratories – Part 2

After the security room, you will save the scientist below; then talk to him. Once you are off the elevator, there will be more enemies behind the doors that just closed ahead of you. As you see in my video, I go into the room on the left and outside the window using the ledge.
Tip: There is no point in being stealthy here. It may be possible, but there are too many lights to take out and light switches that will just be turned back on or lack control.
Protip: When you get to the stairs towards the end of the video (before you reach Robertson’s office), make use of the ledges around each floor. This last part can be done better, cleaner and faster than shown.

Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough Mission 6: White Box Laboratories – Part 3

There is a weapon stash here at the beginning if you want to change your weapons or need ammo. Use the window ledges to your advantage. Also you may want to use equipment you are carrying. I rarely used them throughout the videos but that is because I was forget that they were there to use.
Though right near the end, you will see me using the EMP device and a frag grenade.

Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough Mission 6: White Box Laboratories – Part 4

Storytelling: The next video, part 4, goes straight into after the short cutscene when you have to defend this position from a few waves of enemies.
You will have to defend the computer from the enemies. They will first arrive from the elevator. The best weapon of choice here is any assault rifle. Additionally, you will want to use frag grenades, the EMP device and remote mines. Use the weapon stash nearby if you run out of anything.

This is the very last part of the mission. Stick to cover and hide in the shadows. There is not much cover here, so take your enemies out quickly. After you have set off the EMP, move quickly to the exit and take cover near it. Sneak passed or take out the new wave of enemies that just entered the building. Once outside, just run to your vehicle.