Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough Video Guide (Xbox 360, PC)

Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough Mission 3: Price Airfield

This mission may or may not be difficult for you. Towards the end would possibly be the harder part of this mission but if you are fast enough, stealthily or decide to take everyone out. Then you should have absolutely no problem getting past this on realistic difficulty.
I suggest you continue to hide in the shadows and cover when possible. Take out enemies carefully. I continue to use a silenced pistol here, feel free to do the same or not.
Additional Tips: From the video I do hand to hand take downs when ever possible. You could go further out of your way to do more of these, so you can build up and use more executions. This is not all necessary, but it could go to some P.E.C. Challenges.

Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough Mission 3: Price Airfield – Part 2

This next part may be difficult for you or it could not be. Since there is no point in being 100% stealthily and you can not hide bodies. Just kill almost everyone here at the beginning.
After you have set the C4, I ran back into the closest hangar and took cover in here. Then I just snuck past the large wave of enemies that just show up looking for me and turn the lights on. The very last part has a few enemies, I get spotted and just took them all out. Do not worry, the enemies you just ran past prior will not come help them or flank you.
Additional Tips: If you get into a fire fight, before or after setting the C4, stick to cover/shadows and keep moving between places without giving away your position. While in-between taking cover, take out enemies. This way you do not get over run by too many enemies and die.

Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough Mission 4: Diwaniya Iraq

This mission is set 20 years ago and you have to save Sam. You are given an AK47. This is a short and fairly easy mission on realistic setting. Since it is set back 20 years ago and you are not Sam, you have no executions from take downs. Just kill everyone you will come across.
Protip: Take out enemies while in cover, you are more than likely to die if not in cover.

Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough Mission 4: Diwaniya Iraq – Part 2

You are now just about half way done with completing this mission. Just continue to take out enemies while in cover. When you get in the school, you can use your grenade if you have any left or if you even need to.
PS: The end cutscene has been removed. You’ll have to play the game to watch it as this is now a purely gameplay walkthrough, since publishers like Ubisoft are requesting this to prevent the storylines of cinematic games from being spoiled.