What’s in the Nintendo DSi XL box?

Unboxing DSi XL. Josh of videogamesblogger
Our DSi XL unboxing video shows you what’s in the box when you buy Nintendo’s new DSi XL game system.

The DSi XL is a supersized version of the regular DSi with screens that are 90% larger than that of the DS Lite and viewable from any angle. Additionally, all of the features that are available on the normal DSi are on offer here, as you can read in our DSi XL system review.

With the DSi XL you can . . .
* Take photos with the two included 0.3 Megapixel cameras. One camera faces towards you, the other out.
* Upload photos you’ve taken directly to Facebook using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. These photos are automatically sorted into a DSi folder on your Facebook profile’s Photo section.
* Browse the DSi Shop via a Wi-Fi hotspot or home router. Purchase and download exclusive DSiWare titles and new Apps with Nintendo Points, costs ranging from $2 to $8+.
* Listen to music on an SD Card (AAC format only, no mp3 support), view photos on an SD card, or transfer photos taken from the DSi’s cameras to the SD Card and from there to your PC. The SD Card slot replaces the Game Boy Advance slot from the DS Lite. So you can’t play GBA games on a DSi XL. You also can’t view video files in any form.
* Browse the Internet using the rudimentary DSi Browser. Though it’s so limited you can’t do much more than view a few photos, view simple pages or check e-mail. Most pages will give you a “ran out of system memory” warning.
* Play over 1000 DS and DSi games. As well as DSiWare or downloadable Apps. You can also interface with the Wii in certain games, like with WarioWare D.I.Y. on DS and WarioWare D.I.Y.: Showcase for WiiWare.

Now that you know what the system can do, what EXACTLY comes in the box when you buy the system? Nintendo sent us a retail DSi XL for review, so check out what’s inside in our unboxing video.

Inside the DSi XL box:
* Nintendo DSi XL portable game system.
* Instructions, Quick Start Guide, Club Nintendo registration card.
* DSi XL charger.
* DSi XL large stylus pen.
* Three pre-installed DSi XL titles – Brain Age Express: Math, Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters and the Photo Clock App.