Battletoads, Killer Instinct, Jet Force Gemini remakes doubtful, says Rare

Killer Instinct 3 Xbox 360 fake box artwork
Those looking forward to Xbox 360 remakes of Battletoads, Killer Instinct or Jet Force Gemini can let go of their collected breath . . . these and other awesome titles that fans have been waiting for are not likely to be remade or re-introduced, so says the company.

Studio head Mark Betteridge told Develop that Rare would rather focus it’s energy on new and upcoming titles, instead of revisiting the past. Saying that there is “no need” to revisit the classics.

Oh how many, many, many fans would beg to differ.

To quote:

“Rare would only go back to older franchises if we saw an opportunity to make the product in a different way that would do justice to them. There just isn’t a need to return to Rare’s classics.”

He went on to say that the role of Rare now is to define the Xbox 360 platform, which Rare is hard at work on doing with the upcoming Project NATAL camera-control-based system which he says:

“… Is the biggest change in how you interact with software… ever, really. Because we’ve moved to a clean sheet of paper on the user input – it’s a huge change creatively in how you build a game.”

Via Joystiq