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25 March 2010
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Fragile Dreams American box artwork
Looking for Fragile Dreams cheats, codes and tips for the Wii? Here we will help you to unlock extras in the game, access a hidden section of the official web-site, and help you with gaining experience, money and weapons.

Fragile Dreams Unlockable Extras

In order to access the following extras, you must complete the game. This will then unlock the “Extras” menu on the title screen.

1. Concept Art – Beat the game to unlock the Concept Art gallery.
2. Credits – Complete Fragile Dreams to watch the credits.
3. Event Movies – Beat the main campaign in Fragile Dreams to view all of the cutscenes.
4. Trailers – Beat the game and you will be able to view trailers for Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon.

How to unlock the special section of the official web-site

If you’ve been waiting with baited breath for the release of Fragile Dreams, then you probably noticed that there is a locked “Special” section of the official Fragile Dreams web-site. In order to access it you’ll need a password that is given to you when you complete the game. Haven’t picked it up yet? Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. The password is: TOKYOTOWER. Accessing the Special section of the web-site will give you some exclusive wallpapers. Looking for more? Try accessing the “Special” section of the official Fragile Dreams Japanese web-site. Use this password: a-ri-ga-to-u (hiragana). To get the password use this translation web-site: (use the informal one without the period). Once you’re inside the Special section on the Japanese site you can find a screensaver and a remixed version of the TGS 08 trailer.

How to help with the camera

Fragile Dreams camera issues screenshot
The camera in Fragile Dreams can go wonky in tight spots, which can become very frustrating. Here are some tips on how to keep the frustration factor down while playing Fragile Dreams.

Tip #1: Take your time. This is a very slow-paced game. It’s meant to be played slowly.
Tip #2: Run around enemies until the camera gets back into place. Most of the enemies in the game are slow. Most are also ghosts, which means you can run through them.
Tip #3: Press the Z Button to center the camera behind you.
Tip #4: Take note that the camera will mostly go wonky on you only during tight spaces. If you know this ahead of time it can help you to manage it when the camera starts to act up.
Tip #5: When using the Flashlight, operate it slowly. If you move it too fast, it will lock up on you. Once again, a slow pace is what this game is all about.
Tip #6: You want to try and keep the cursor pointed at enemies. Once it’s pointed a them, back up. You’ll also want to try strafing around them using the Nunchuck’s Control Stick.

Tips for finding missable items (memory items) that you need a guide to find

Are there missable items I can only find with a guide? The answer is, yes, there are. The memory items are missable and you may not be able to find all of them without the help of a guide. But either way, you want to be as thorough as possible when searching to find them. Here are some tips.

Tip #1: Be as careful as you can and search EVERYWHERE.
Tip #2: Look for glowing green fireflies. These are marks as to the location of an item that you can pick up. So if you see a green firefly, look around for an item and find it before you leave the area.
Tip #3: Always keep your eyes peeled for hidden items.
Tip #4: Most of the items are found hidden in a corner or slightly tucked under something.
Tip #5: Try and make sure you have covered ALL ROUTES before leaving an area. Although you can backtrack, you do not want to have to because it can take FOREVER. And longer if you need to find something specific and have no idea where it is located.
Tip #6: To avoid having to backtrack to find any missing items like memories, try to use the minimap to help you cover all spots before leaving an area. It shouldn’t be too difficult as long as you are careful and keep your eye out for them.
Tip #7: If a route branches into two areas, make a mental note. You can usually tell which one contains the hidden item and which one leads to a continuation in the story. Follow the item route until you find the hidden item, then backtrack and go down the route you didn’t take.

What does the filter option do?

The Filter under the Options menu smooths the graphics and textures out. This is to make the text easier to read, but it also makes the image have less jaggies (jagged lines, aka aliasing) but in exchange for more blurriness. Textures may be smoother in cut-scenes as well. But it’s up to you as a player as to what you prefer (clear with more jaggies, smoother but blurrier). Try playing it for a while with the filter on, then switch it off and see if you can tell a difference. Note that this only really effects those playing on an HD TV.

How do I get more money/experience? Tips on droppable items

Fragile Dreams enemy fighting screenshot
It can be hard to defeat enemies in the game early on. But here are some tips for getting more experience or money with the droppable items from enemies.

Tip #1: As a general rule, the more space an item takes up, and the weirder the shape, the more money it will be worth.
Tip #2: Occasionally Mystery Items will be dropped when you kill enemies. These Mystery Items will sometimes be food. More often than not however, the items dropped can be turned into money when you use a fire on them.
Tip #3: Kill the Jellyfish enemies at the beginning near the shutter. They are extremely weak and thus easy to kill, will rarely have a chance to hit you, and will frequently drop items like Flourite.
Tip #4: There is a good money and experience dropping spot at the hotel. You’ll find a room that has three Jellyfish which should only take a few seconds to kill using an Iron pipe or a Bamboo Sword. There is a campfire nearby as well. You should be able to get 600 experience each time you go to this room.
Tip #5: The floor above the place described in Tip #4 in the hotel has two Hellhounds. Take these guys out one at a time, and they should frequently drop an item that you can sell for 8000. They will also drop Tuna, which is a good healing item for this area of the game.
Tip #6: Right out the gate of starting the game, you will probably want to grind on the dogs. This means that you keep killing them, then going back to heal, then kill them again, mix and repeat. Do so until you have enough money to purchase a new weapon. Because there will be an upcoming enemy that you can’t kill with a broken weapon.
Tip #7: Dogs can be the best enemies to get good drops. You can get food that sells for 260.

What do the flashbulbs do? Why do they burn out every time I try using it?

The Flashbulbs can be a powerful item to be used against ghosts. Sometimes they can kill them instantly, but that’s not always the case and the amount of damage done can vary. Either way, it is good to use them if you have them, but they shouldn’t be relied upon. They can do a good amount of damage when used against Red Brides when they aren’t exposing their weakpoint.

Fragile Dreams pretty artwork screenshot

How do I get new weapons?

Fragile is a slow-paced game, where you need to take your time. Don’t even think about progressing forward in the game if you are unarmed or too inexperienced, doing so will mean certain death. Like an RPG, you will want to grind on weaker enemies (that means keep killing them over and over and over) until you’ve grown stronger before you proceed.

If you find yourself weaponless, you’ll need to find a merchant where you can purchase a weapon. The merchant will randomly appear at a bonfire (so sometimes he’ll be there, other times not) once you have met him outside a bonfire. So if you really need him, keep starting a bonfire until he shows up.

So what if both your weapons are broken and you don’t have the money to buy a new one? Try backtracking to a point where you find an enemy that is weak enough to kill with your fists. It will take a while, but keep killing them until you’ve gotten stronger or have enough money to buy a new weapon. Remember to sell items from droppable enemies to get money, as explained above.


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