Lego Batman Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, PC, Mac)

Level 3: Under The City

First thing you will need to do is take down all the debris that is around you, you will be able to build a suit charger. Once you have done that, use your magnet suit to head up the metal ramp, pulling the levers which will drop a ladder for Batman to climb.

Now Batman has his demolition Suit, he will need to drop bombs on the metal gate and head through to the next area.

Once you have made it into the new area, head into the middle of the area, you will need to pick up some Lego pieces , these will build a crank. Once you have built the crank you will need to turn it and it will cause the red valve to rise up./

Using the movement, jump up onto and collect your Water Suit. You will now be able to dive into the water and head into the back of the room.

Make your way into the tank and head to the left, you will then need to make your way through the tube and pick up the Lego pieces to make another water pump. Once you have assembled them, you will need to jump on the jump a couple of times to take the water out of the tanks.

Once you have drained all the water, you will need to plant a bomb to take off the round door, once the door is off, head through.

Heading onto the middle platform which is located in the middle of the next room, you will need to use the demo suit on Batman to get some Lego pieces.

Make your grapple and head over to the two suit chargers. you will need to use Robin to get across to the other platform, he will need to use his magnet suit to get along the wall. Batman will follow him.

You will see the two red switches on the floor, you will need to go over and get your Demo suit and over the silver cover.

Make your way down the to the water and look for the silver cogs, you will need to replace them on both the side. You will then need to have a look for the two large orange object targets located in front of you in the distance. You will not be able to get to them, you will need to use your Batarang. You will need to hit them both and flood it with water. Make your way across and put the Lego bits together and make the lever. Pulling the leaver you will make the switches green and be able to take the stairs.

Now you have built the crocodile out of your Lego bricks, you will be able to pick up some extra Lego studs from the crocodile. Start to build the leaver, you will then need to place all the metal pieces on the wall. Climb up the metal wall and jump into your water suit.

Head into the water, you will then need to pull the leaver which will cause the water to raise the water.

Once you have raised the water, it is now time to take on your crocodile! You will need to watch out for the metal debris he will throw at you, you will be able to avoid these by running around the room.