Lego Batman Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, PC, Mac)

Level 5: Face-Off

When you start this level, you will need to start smashing everything! Once you have done that, make your way past the barricades to find the Lego pieces, these will help you get through this area.

You will then need to pull the leaver next to the booth to bring down the barricades. You will then need to make your way through and head to the far right hand corner, you will be able to find a Glide Suit charger.

You will then need to switch over to Robin and lift batman onto the scaffolding, Batman will then be able to head over to the other side.

Once he is over to the other side, you will need to aim the Batarang at the spinning red switch which is located above the disabled lasers. This repairs the bridge.

Head over the bridge and smash the booths, you will then need to put all the Lego pieces together and make a suit charger for Robin. You will need to try and not head through the main door.

Once you have the Magnet suit on, you will need to make your way up the ramp and pull the leaver, you will then need to lower the ladder and move yourself over to the right hand side. You will need to have a look around for some Lego pieces to make a zip-line for Robin.

Hitting the items on the elevator will reveals pieces to fix the elevator with, pulling the levers to get the elevator working.

It is time to take on Two-faced you will need to keep away from the slime, you will need to punch him in the face a couple of time, this will make him run into the slime. You will not be able to chase after him, head along the left wall and break some of the objects. You will then need to make the suit charger.

Jumping across the platforms and picking up Lego pieces as you make your way across. You will need to drop of 25 pieces at the Attracto Machine this will make a boat that will allow you to get over the slime.

You will need to use your boat to get over to Two-Face again and make him run off once again, you will need to make another platform and head over to the green leaver that is located over on the right.

You will then need to head over to the left and activate another switch to open the bank vault, once you have made it inside of the vault, you will see some moving tiles you will need to move around them and try to avoid getting killed. you will need to colour in the four blue panels green to open the door located in front of you.

Once you have done that, you will then need to take on Two-face again. Once you have taken him out, it is time to have a look for the Riddler, he will start to shoot you with lasers.

Start looking for the gold bars, you will need to build the Lego pieces to make a reflective shield that will bounce his laser off.

Once you have hit him twice with his own laser, you will need to take him out properly.

The two enemies will take their turn in attacking you, but nothing can stop Batman and Robin!