Lego Batman Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, PC, Mac)

Level 4: A Poisonous Appointment

When you start this level, it is a good idea to break all the left plants around you, you will be able to pick up a lot of studs here.

Under all of those plants, you will be able to collect some Lego pieces to put together, this will assemble a tractor, you will need to jump into the tractor and run over the plants and bash down the lamp posts. There will also be some more Lego pieces to put together.

Once you have put the suit charger together, you will be able to use the Sonic suit, this will allow Batman to break glass and walls with his sonic waves. You will also be able to break the door that is blocking you to get into the next area.

Once you have made it through, you will need to use your Sonic suit to get into the greenhouse, you will need to use your sonic suit to shatter the glass and stop the plants from growing.

Make your way into the area where the plants are located and start to follow the feeding tubes, you will need to locate them and smash them.

Once you have located all the feeders, you will be able to free the hostage.

After all the plants are dead, have a smash about and collect all the goodies, you will also need to place the Lego pieces together and this will make the suit charger for Robin, this suits called the Attract Suit.

This will allow Robbins to suck up any Lego pieces. You will need to pick up 25 Lego pieces and place them in the Attracto machine which is located near the Venus Fly Trap.

Keep running over the plants and put together the Lego pieces. You will be able to use these launch pads and jump up to pick up the Lego canisters.

You will then need to take the clear path, this will lead you to the Cavern.

You will then need to use the ladder to get across the ledge. You will see some hot Lego pieces, do not touch these! They are hot? You will be in luck though, there is a Heat Protection Suit located next to the hot Lego pieces.

When you see the green lid close on the pipes, you will need to use it to take it across the gap. You will then need to use Batman to make his way across the hot area and use the zip-line

Once you arrive in the Lab, you will need to turn over all the furniture and collect 25 pieces to open the door located on the right hand door, before you make your way through the door, you will need to move to the pipes and pick up the Lego canister.

When you head through the door you will arrive in a room with lots and lots of toxaemia slime! You will need to look through all the cabinets for some extra Lego goodies. When you build the Lego pieces it will form a flower, you will be able to use the flower to jump on and make your way over the toxic slime.

In the small alcove, you will be able to see some Lego Canisters.

You will then need to turn the lever and open the door, once you have done that, you will see a lot of poison Ivy, it is time to take on the Ivy. You will need to pick up the Lego pieces that are in front of the plant and sue them in making a bomb which will explode! This will cause the plant to die and Ivy will head into the mouth of the second plant. You will need to do the same method with this plant.

Once you have done that, you will need to take on the enemies that will come into the area. Once you have defeated them you will have defeated everyone.