Lego Batman Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, PC, Mac)

Villains – Chapter 6 – Level 3: The Joker’s Masterpiece

First things first, you are going to need to build a new generator, you will need to push over the two pillars which are at the top of the steps, you will then need to get Scarecrow to pull the lever. The Joker will then need to power up the generator. You will then need to get the chandelier off of the two hitches, this will cause it to come falling to the floor.

Your next task is to get a wooden ramp build up top the large double doors, you will then need to get the guy to open the doors for you. Scarecrow will need to take control of him.

Once you are on your way up, you will need to start to fire at the security panels which are located behind the lasers. Once you have done that you will need to aim for the Lego pieces which will make a crank, turn it and power up the generator.

Once you have made it inside the security area, you will see a massive cloud of toxic smoke. Head up the stairs and make an exit for it, the Joker will be able to hang around the cloud of smoke as it does not effect him. You will need to head up the stairs and collect the pieces for a fan.

Making your way to the left, you will need to pull the switch and hit the fuse box, once you have done that you will need to hit those white and blue tiles that are located on the wall, they will fill in the gaps on the patterned floor.

You will need to push the block to the right and construct another fan, this will cause the door to open.

You will see some paintings that are hanging along the wall on the right, you will need to break these to activate the leaver. Once you have activated the leaver, you will need to break the statue to build another crank.

Scarecrow will need to turn the crank to bring the platform down, The Joker will need to jump onto the platform and place the metal bars. Make his way across and pull the leaver.

You will be given some Lego pieces now to construct a generator.

You will need to put the bottom panel together and place all the barrels on it, this will help you get over the fence, you will then need to pull the leaver and and then move the block along the floor. You will then need to turn on the generator, pulling the leaver again you will get another box.

You will need to head into the slime and take out all the items and smash them, you will be able to build a box from the Lego items. Pulling the leaver to elevate the box.

Making your way over to the orange control area, you will need to start moving the crane, you will need to pick up every box and place two of them onto the panel. Scarecrow will then need to mind control the man to let them exit.