Lego Batman Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, PC, Mac)

Villains – Chapter 5 – Level 5: Arctic World

You will need to head to the right until you can see a very big piece of ice, Catwomen is the only character who will be able to climb it. Catwomen will need to start to stack the ladder for Penguin to climb up the ice block. You will then need to head across the gap and Catwomen will need to follow. Pull the leaver, when the wind starts to blow, Penguin will need to head up with his bomb.

Penguin will then need to send another bomb through the gap, this will roll down and shatter the block of ice, the ice block will then release some items. Make your way over the other two blocks and Catwomen will need to push them over the edge, Penguin will then need to place a bomb to the side, he will then need to start piecing all the items together which will make a snow plow.

You will now be able to drive through the blocks of ice, you will need to place some new pieces of the air pump, you will then need to start jumping on the pimp and inflate the bridge which is located on the left, head over the bridge and over the wall. Pulling the leaver to pull the snow plow.

Once you have made it inside the new building you will need to make your way down the slope, you will see five flag stations that will be on the way, head through all five of them and pick up a canister at the end.

You will then need get Penguin to place a bomb on the sparkling round object. You will then need to run away from the wall before it blows up.

You will then need to build a bouncy item, just it to jump up and grab the item above.

You are going to need to direct the lasers into four purple panels, you will need to start with the laser located on the left, once she have it on the ice cube, you will need to move around the spot light, you will then need to take out the police boat with a bomb. Make your way over ans stand hear the laser, you will need to plant a bomb near the laser and it should free the laser of ice.

Once you have activated all of the purple panels, you will need to take Catwomen over to the red and green switch, you will need to get her to double jump and grab onto them.

There will be a silver ramp that will change into some stairs, this will allow Penguin to get up to the top floor. Make your way around the zip-line. Catwomen and Penguin will need to meet up with one another and pull both of the red lever as the same time.