Lego Batman Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, PC, Mac)

Level 2: An Icy Reception

You will first need to put a lot of Lego pieces together, this will build a common, you will then need to jump onto a circle shaped object and send those enemies soaring through the air.

You will then need to fix the ice cream truck and drive it over the metal grates on the floor. You will need to park it on the large circle in the centre of the floor.

You will then need to use the Batarang on the hinges to hold the gates together, once you have done that you will need to pick up the Lego items located on the floor and build a suit charger.

You will now have the Magnet suit, this will allow Robin to attach to metal objects. He will need to make his way up the metal ramp and pull on the red lever. Once he has done that, he will need to head back down and pull on another lever until the ice cream turns clue.

You will now be able to make your way into the factory.

Now you are inside the factory, you will need to pick up the items to make a large suit charger for batman. This will give you the glide Suit. Before you make your glide across the gap, you will need to push the crank you just made close to the jet, this will allow you to get across the gap safe.

Once you have made it across the gap, you will need to put the parts together to mend the bridge.

Then, you will need to aim for the two large ice-pops that are hanging from the roof, once they have fallen off the roof, you will need to put them together and make a staircase.

Once you have made your steps, you will need to head up them and make your way across the floor.

Using the Magnet suit to get up the ramp and put the grapple point together at the top, this will make it easy for both characters to get across.

You will then need to push the large box off the edge and break it making more Lego pieces. This will then make a moving platform, jump onto the platform and pull the lever to open the door on the other side.

Head across another gap and push the lever for Robin to cross, he will then need to get a hold of the hook and grapple back to batman. He will then need to jump onto the circle switch.

When either of the two characters head to the top, you will need to have to step on the switch, and then the other character will need to make their way up the stairs after the other character.

Once that has been done,you will need to pilot the Batarang into the equipment to fill it up with the purple slime.

Then you will need to jump into the ice and freeze them, this will cause a large solid platform for you to cross on. You will then need to use your magnet suit to head up the ramp and pull the leaver to raise the grapple to the top.

You will then need to shut down the three jets. You will need to push the crate along the patterned path until it hits the end You will then need to shut down the other two by standing on the brown and red switch at the same time.

It is now time to take on Mr. Freeze, you will need to run around him in circles. He will also activate a very large fun in the back of the room , this will blow in your direction, this will not allow you to move forward to get to Mr. Freeze

You will need to pick up all the Lego pieces and make another cannon, you will then need to launch the cannon to take down all the fans. Once you have done that, you will need to use the magnet suit to head up the ramp and pull the leavers. After you have pulled the leavers, you will need to put some more pieces together and make another path. You will also need to push the boxes all the way until the large ice cube fallen on Mr. Freeze, this will cause him to fall to the bottom level and he will have no more health and will run off defeated!