Lego Batman Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, PC, Mac)

Villains – Chapter 4 – Level 3: Green Fingers

One of the first things you are going to do is start to decorate your vehicle with flowers, you will need to smash all the Lego items that are located in the middle of the balcony. Once you have finished decorating the vehicle, you will need to slam it into the gates, you will need to start with the left gate and then move over to the right.

Once you have slammed through the gates, you will need to make your way up the metal bars and to the top.

Head to the right and start smashing up all the items, you will need to build a crank from the items you find.

You will need to rotate it, this will activate the brown platforms. Both of the characters will need to head over to the balcony located on the left hand side. Ivy will need to double jump and make a zipline for Riddler to make his was over the mist. Ivy will need to pull both of the leavers to head into the next area.

Ivy will then need to make your way across the pads and head over to the empty pot. You will need to jump on the mushroom, this will give you extra bounce to allow you to head up to the second floor. You will then need to push the golden statue off the edge.

Head down and pick up the pieces and make a mind control panel, you will need to get the Riddler to talk to the men to open the gate.

There is a man who is located at the back of the wall, the Riddler will need to head over to him and mind control him to pull the lever. Once he has gone that, you will need to place all the pieces of Lego together to make a large Venus Fly Trap. You will need to attack the plant.

Villains – Chapter 4 – Green Fingers Part 2

Once you have defeated the plant, you will need to head across the pond, on your way across the pond, you will need to build a swan like boat to get you across the mine field.

Once on the other side, you will need to mind control the worker and start to smash all the objects.
Until you can find out where the toxic mist is coming from. You will then need to have a look to see if you can find a red valve;

Jumping on the valve will open the gate for you.

Once you are through the gate you will need to build a lever to head inside the greenhouse.

Make your way across as ivy, once across you will need to construct a tractor. You will need to take the tractor tot he Riddler so he is able to cross.

Ivy will then need to make her way through the gas until she sees a red button to jump on.

Pressing the lever and the red button will open a door for both of the characters, head througth the hatch and then you will need to construct a lift.

Once you have fixed the lift, it is time to use your green fingers, you will need to start planting some plants in the pots, once they have grown you will be able to use them to jump on to get some extra height.

Smashing all the items will allow you to find all the pieces to the lift.

It is time to grow some more plants, you will need to step on the three red switches and turn on the lights, this will cause the plants to grow faster.

You will need to fix two of the three lights, heading to the left first, you will need to use some mind control on the workers to get them to push the statue over the edge and construct the battery, this will give you some power to power the light on the left.

Then you will need to send Ivy through the mist and look for a red pump, she will need to jump on the pump until the battery heads all the way to the top,, once both of the switches have power, you will need to step on both of the switches and the plants will start to grow.