Lego Batman Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, PC, Mac)

Villains – Chapter 4 – Level 2: On the Rocks

You will be playing as Freeze now and he will have the Riddler joining him.

You will need to take the vent off, the vent is located on the left upper corner, you will need to use the breeze to take yourself up onto the platform.

Once you are on the platform, you will need to take out the two ice-cream cone items, these items will give you some parts to make the leaver.

Pulling the leaver on each side will allow you to open the door into the factory. Once you have headed inside of the factory, you will need to hold onto the pipes and pull it out, this will give you some metal to allow you to get up the steep slope. Make your way onto the large blue platform which is floating in the red goo.

You can see some sparkling items, you will need to freeze those items and make them into ice burgs. Make your way across as the Riddler and you will need to mind control the civilian above, he will build you a crank and turn it your you.

The water will raise with the platforms, you will now be allowed to make your way to the other side.

Have a look around for an orange handle, this will lead you to a sliding door. Freeze will need to open it.

Head over and go stand on the large box which is located on the left, you will need to mind control the person who is located in the glass case, you will then need to have a look around for the items to build a lever. He will then need to pull the lever and a box will rise and head over to the right.

You will need to slide the box until it crashes through the floor. You will then need to make your way to the second metal bar and jump off to the ledge down below.

You will then need to head down the ladder as Freeze and head to the right until you can see the orange handle, you will then need tot urn it, this will lower a pillar item in the room. This will give Riddler a chance to move past it. Freeze will then need to head up the ladder and meet up with him.

You will then need to go over and stand on the valve, use your mind control on the man in the glass case and you will need to force him to stand on the valve on his side. Build the lever and pull it, this will cause the water to rise, Freeze will need to Freeze the water and head across.

You will then need to take down the police, You will need to build the pieces on the floor to construct the launcher, this will break the fan which will allow you to proceed forward. You will then need to use your mind control on the workers and push the box.

Once you have pushed the box, it is time to build another ladder, once you have done that, you will need to head over and stand on the switch which is located in front of the pump.