Lego Batman Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, PC, Mac)

Lego Batman walkthrough artwork

Villains – Chapter 4 – Level 1: The Riddler Makes a Withdrawl

First thing you will need to do is use Clayface to move the rubbish bin out of the way, you will then need to head over to the wall and replace the lever. Once you have opened the window, you will need to mind control the civilian and make him turn the crank for you, this will open a gate located to your right.

Make your way through the garage, you will need to pick up and drag the truck forward as far as you will be able to drag it. Clayface will then need to place the rubbish truck to one side, this should show two more levers for you to use.

Pulling both of the levers will open the doors, head over and stand on the switch.

You will then need to double jump and grab a hold of the metal bars which are on the blue canopy, he will then need to jump onto the platform and head towards the ladder, both of the characters will then be able to head to the left into the next area.

Once you have made it over to the junk-yard, you will need to move all the heavy items out of the way, Clay-face will then need to pick up and drag the car onto the vehicle pad, once you have done that change character and mind control the single worker so he can pull the leaver.

You will then need to have a look under all the rubble for all the construction bits for the vehicle. Once you have fixed it you will be able to head through the metal gates.

Keeping to your right with your vehicle, you will need to take out all the shining items located along your path. Clay-face will then need to take the vent of the wall.

It is time to build a ladder, you will need to head to the top and then construct a zip-line. Make your way to the door of the bank and you will see someone in the bathroom, you will need to use some mind control on him so he will be able to pull the orange crank.

Once you have broken the statue, you will need to set the large bomb off. Drive the police car into the sparking objects and start to build your detonator. You will then need to head over and jump onto the large red button, this will set the bomb off and you will be able to head into the bank.