Lego Batman Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, PC, Mac)

Level 5: To The Top Of The Tower

When you start this level things really start off pretty good, you will need to smash some objects and build a ladder, make your way up the ladder and get both of the characters to stand on the red buttons.

You will then need to build the demo suit charger, this is located behind the police SWAT cars. There is also a platform with a bar that is sticking out of the tower, you will need to use it to get onto the tower, once you are inside of the building, you will need to make Robin a magnet suit, once you have done that, you will need to head over all the way to the left and blow up the large black object that will give you some Lego pieces for Robin to climb the magnetic wall. Pushing the statue over to the right, Robin will then need to make his way across the building and Harley will Appear again.

Dropping yourself down just in front of the water trucks, you will need to jump in the trucks and start to shoot Harley with the water gun. Once you have taken out her gun, you will need to move over to the next truck and spray her again. You will be able to pick up another gun on the ground, you will then need to get the gun and wet Harley once more before she makes another run for it.

To The Top Of The Tower Part 2

Once she has made her dash, you will need to build the fan and head up to the top of the building.

Heading to the right, you will need to finish the lever, this lever controls the movement of the platform. You will need to use the platform to get across to the other side, once on the other side, head up the stairs and put together the magnet ramp. Make your way back to the lever and pull it, the chandelier will then near you and the platform.

Head over and get your glide suit and make your way over to meet up with Harley, you will then need to push the crank and make your way over the bar and meet up with Robin. There is a button located on the floor that can move the statue, you will need to move the statue so it is level with robin and he can use it to get across the gap. He will then need to make his way up the strip and across. Batman will need to construct a grapple point.

Pulling down the leaver together will open up the closed door.

You will then meet up with the Joker, he will be hiding around with Harley. They will move in and out of the bells. you will need to make your way to the right and build the anvil, this will also give you a grapple point. Make your way across the large gap and give Robin the metal bar so he can cross the gap.

The large hammer will hit the side of the bell, this will cause Harley out of the bell.

On the right side, you will need to move and push the object along the path until you can’t move it any more Make your way up the metal strip and set up some bars of Batman to cross.

You will need to weigh down the panel and push the Joker out of the large bell.

You will then need to build the water put, only one, start to spray the helicopter when you can see it. Once you have brought the helicopter down, you will need to start to punch the Joker, you will need to change from character to character to keep your health as he will give you some electric shots.