Lego Batman Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, PC, Mac)

Level 4: In The Dark Of Knight

Once again you are blocked by the large green puddle of slime, head over and jump onto the metal bar and then onto the fence to the other side.

You will need to keep following the moth up and down the street, you will need to watch out. If he sees you he will jump into a building and hide from you.

When he does this, you will need to head into the alley and build a fan. Once you have built the fan, you will need to break the phone booth and pull the lever located behind it. This will activate the fan and take the breeze up to the ledge on the building.

Once there, you will need to take the fan to the elevator and break through the boards into the building. You will then need to attack everything you can see to turn the crank.

Batman will then need to go to the elevator and Robin will need to turn the crank. The elevator will take Batman to his Demo Suit. Pick up a bomb and place the bomb at the entrance.

As you make your way through the bar, you will need to build a zip-line,a grapple point and the rest of the items will need to lower the blue box located on the far right hand side.

Once the box is complete, you will need to push it along the checked patter and push it into the wall slot.

Make your way up the grapple point and put the zip-lines together. Make your way across and place your bombs close to the ceiling lights.

Push the box into the slot and pull the leaver!

You will then need to take out all the furniture and put bombs where the large statue is. You will be able to get your hands on the Technology suit charger for your pal Robin.
In The Dark Of Knight Part 2

You will need to build the large speakers and the disco ball which goes in the middle of the room. You will need to destroy the sparkling box on the dance floor.

You will then need to stand on all the white panels until they are all lit up.

The floor will open and a robot will appear, you will need to access the Tech panel and move it to the wall located at the back.

Head over and pull the ladder to drop it down for Batman, blowing up the fence and collect the Lego items to finish building the pump.

Jump on the pump with both of the characters, this will set the area on fire.

It is now time to take on the Moth, you will need to punch him a couple of times and he will fly around a little bit, once he starts to fly you will need to ignore him for a while. Whilst he is flapping about you will need to take out the gate on the left.

Once you have all the goodies, you will need to finish the construction of the turbine, you will need to look out for the wave of henchmen.

Once you are over at the Tech panel, you will need to press the action button, this will activate the turbine and activate a spark. You will then need to pull both levers which will activate two large and very bright lights. This will bring the Moth down to the ground.

You will then need to punch him and he will retreat once again, head over and put the right turbine together. The Tech panel does not work on this side, you will need to push a large container along the checked floor. Head over and use the panel now. Pulling the leavers will bring him down to the floor and you have now defeated him.