Lego Batman Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, PC, Mac)

Joker’s Home Turf Part 2

Head over to the red switch and stand on it,head up the ladder and step on the second red switch. This will allow you to get into the further into the factory.

Jump onto the truck and head into the factory moving the objects out of the way, you will need to put the pieces together for make a crank, once you have done that you will need to jump onto the metal bar that will activate a lever. Pressing the red switch will fill the tank with slime, then you will need to make your way across and glide over to push the red button. You will then need to drive the truck across the truck and place it onto the orange button, this will activate the lift Head up the lift and through the red tunnel.

You will then see some red lights that are flashing, you will need to aim your batarang at them to knock them all over, this will give you some part from Robin to put together. Make your way up the magnetic strip and finish building the box.

Move the box across the path to the large wheel which is located in he middle. Once you have the bridge built you will need to change character and let batman finish up.

He will need to glide across the gap and finish the rest of the bridge. Make your way up the magnetic strip and pull the crank.

You will then see the Mad Hatter. You will need to start punching him a few time, he will then run away and head for the upper levels, you will hen need to wait around, you will then need to head up the magnetic strip and head over to the catwalk. You will then need to make a ramp for batman to cross, once he is across, you will need to use both of the characters to jump onto the buttons which will open a trap door.

The Mad Hatter will fall through the door.

You will hen need to switch from one character to another to reach the Mad Hatter, The Mad Hatter will then make his way back up to the top platform. You will need to put the Lego pieces together and also complete the lift and take it up. Once at the top, you will need to get all the characters to stand on the buttons and the Mad Hatter will fall down the trap door once again.

Do this until he gives up!