Lego Batman Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, PC, Mac)

Chapter 3: The Joker’s Return (Heroes)

Level 1: Joker’s Home Turf

You will be greeted by a large gate, you will need to kick it sown and head then aim your Batarang at the objects which are hanging just above the scaffolding. You will need to pick up the pieces and make the Attract suit. Once you have made your suit you will need to smash up everything located in the area and take it over to the Attracto Machine. The machine will then put the items together and clear out the toxic waste blocking your way.

You will then need to charge your suit and head into the next area, once in the next area head to the right hand used and pick up some metal bars. Place the bars on the wall and head up them.

You will need to grapple over to the next area and then build the suit charger. Once you have charged up the suit, head over and glide over the gap and pick up the toxic spray which are in pieces lying on the floor.

Head over the gap and Robin will follow you.

Head over and make your way to the top of the warehouse, you will see a large green slime that is covering the room.

You will need to push the crate that is in the room and make a path, once it falls into the Lego pieces, you will need to glide across the room and follow the studs, you will then need to push a crate over the edge.

Once you have pushed the crate over the edge, you will need to collect the Lego pieces for the Attracto machine, this will help you get back to the first area, you will need to use the machine to clear the area of the slime. Once you have cleared the room you will need to head onto the platform on the far right hand side.

You will then need to head back over to the Lego pieces which need to be built to make the gears for the wall.

Once you have made it through the door and are inside the factory, you will need to keep moving to the right until you can see some large bright red crates, push two over and break them, glide yourself over to the third crate and you will need to do the same with this crate, once you have done that, you will need to use the forklift truck to take out all the shiny objects.